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Pattaya to Bangkok Airport Bus

There are two bus companies which offer a bus service from Pattaya to the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok and from the airport to Pataya.
For most people staying in Central or North Pattaya the Bus Terminal at North Pattaya would be the more convenient point to depart from. These are the blue buses.

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The alternative bus depot is in Soi Chaiyapruk at Jomtien. It offers four departure times each day and takes up to two hours to reach the airport. It is a direct route with no stops along the way.

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Pattaya Baht Bus

The most common form of transport in Pattaya is the "Baht Bus". "Baht Buses" are pick-up trucks with a steel canopy over the back and two bench seats either side in the back. A report by the Pattaya City Council noted more than 700 baht buses operating in Pattaya.

Traveling Further

If you want to go somewhere off the regular route, find an empty Baht Bus and negotiate a fare with the driver before you get on. But don't put one foot inside the vehicle until you make sure the driver knows exactly where he is going!

Pattaya Taxis

These "Baht Bus" vehicles can be hired as you would a taxi but there is no meter. The normal taxi has a reputation for not running the meter anyway. There is no shortage of taxis like these any time of day or night. Remember to negotiate the fare before you get into the vehicle.

Baht Buses waiting outside the Big C shopping complex.

The hire charge from Big C to Pattaya Glahng (1.5 km) should be around 50 baht. The driver will allow a maximum of five people to travel. See fares for individual trips (or chartered rides) as published by the Pattaya Minibus Cooperative in our ebook.

Motorbike Taxis

Sitting on the back of a motorbike (motorcycle) is a more efficient way to get from A to B especially if there is a lot of traffic. These experienced drivers don't just drive on the road but over footpaths, up stairs, along beaches, down ditches and across median strips. You will be amazed at their skills. You would feel safer on the back of one of these motorbike taxis if you had insurance.

An estimation of the taxi fare would be a minimum of 10 baht to travel up to half a kilometer then around 10 baht per kilometer. The motorbike taxi drivers wear a coloured vest with a name or number on the back. More important information about:

You can read Much More about this in our e-book.

Motorbike Hire

Motorcycle hire will cost you from 100 baht to 750 baht per day depending on size. (Thank you John for confirming the minimum bike hire rate). You could also negotiate a discounted rate if you hire your motorbike for one month or more.

There is a grand selection of hire bikes to choose from. Many hotels and guest houses have a fleet of motorbikes for hire. Read more about:

Pattaya Car Hire

Late model cars are available for hire from the beach vendors along Beach Road.
The hire rate starts at around 1,000 baht per day. Check the condition of the vehicle before you drive off and note with the vendor any dints or scratches on the paint.

It's also a good idea to test the brakes. Thais have a habit of driving on their brakes so they could be worn. The vendor might not ask to see your driver's licence but will insist you to leave your passport with him/her.

Check out our e-book for advice on leaving your passport and how not to leave it.
It would be wise to ask about the insurance. Does the car have first class insurance?

If you don't mind paying a little more baht then you can rent from Budget Car and Truck rental at Thip Plaza (accessible from Beach Rd or Second Road)

Tel: 66(0) 38710717-8 or Avis at the Dusit Resort located near the dolphin fountain at North Pattaya Road.

Both companies are reputable firms with the quality service you would expect from an international firm.

Your Own Transport

To buy a car or motorbike in Thailand you will need:

  1. A non immigrant visa.
  2. Proof of residency : A letter from Immigration in Soi 5 Jomtien verifying your home address in Thailand. This costs 300 baht. Read more.
  3. Some money.

It is important to acquire some theft insurance if you plan to purchase a new motorbike. It is especially important if your new motorbike is a small bike around 120cc. Small bikes are easy to steal. Motorbike insurance for small bikes is difficult to find but does exist. At least four motorbikes per day are stolen.

For this kind of motorbike insurance you could try:
AAI Insurance Brokers Tel: 038 303 072

After you purchase your car or motor bike you will need to keep it registered each year. The Registration office is quite a distance from the city center. It's about 12 km by road and a little difficult to find.

Land Transport Office Map.

After-The-Rush has some helpful tips on buying a vehicle in Pattaya including how to avoid the 12KM trip to the registration center. You will have to pay compulsory insurance about 800 baht for a vehicle with a 2 liter engine.

A 120 cc motor bike will cost 120 baht registration fee and 350 baht compulsory insurance. Many foreigners purchase a small 120 cc bike electric start with disc brakes and kick through (no clutch) or automatic gear. These are very popular with the Thais. They are very easy to maneuver and park. A new one should cost you around 47,000 baht including registration.

No shortage of 120cc motorbikes for sale.

If you own a car it is also a good idea to take out another insurance policy. The government third party compulsory insurance has a claim limit of 50,000 baht.

However in the first instance you will be allowed 15,000. If your accident bill exceeds 15,000 baht. then you will need to do a bit of paper shuffling, make a few phone calls and execute a couple of trips to the insurance office to get the remaining 35,000 baht coverage.

For advice about insurance companies and rates including current telephone numbers and personal contacts check out Pattaya Bar Girls e-book.

The e-Book also offers advise about some very important criteria to have included in your insurance policy. Please note that some insurance companies will require you to be the holder of a Thai driver licence. That means if you are involved in an accident and you have an international licence but no Thai licence you will not be covered.

Buying A Car in Thailand?

These websites will be helpful in familiarising yourself with the auto market in Thailand.

One2Car | Chaingmai Car |

Driver's Licence

If you plan to drive a car in Thailand you will need a local Thai licence or an international driver's licence.

The fees are 105 baht for a Thai car licence and 55 baht for a Thai motorbike licence.

If you have held a Thai drivers licence for one year you could also apply for a five year licence. You must be 18 years old or over to obtain a Thai Driver License.

The fee is 505 baht for the five year car licence and 255 baht for the five year motorbike licence.

The local licence can be acquired by taking a test at any Land Transport Office. There is no physical driving test or written test for foreigners who already hold a current international licence or licence from their home country or who are extending from a current one year Thai licence.

Read More about Thai Driver's Licence
What You Will Need The First Time

Bus to Chiang Mai

Nakhon Chai Air Bus company run an efficient survice to Chiang Mai from Pattaya. Located on Sukhumvit Rd near the Pattaya Klang intersection. See satellite map.
You can book a ticket on their website.

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