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I find Thai bar girls fun to chat with over a few cool drinks at any beer bar in Pattaya. You will find Thai bar girls in many bars in Pattaya, Fact and Bangkok. The bar girls have three work place options.

  1. The Beer Bars
  2. The Go Go Bars
  3. Short Time Bars

The beer bar girls are eager to joke around and make you laugh while spending a few dollars at their bar. One night I cruised around a few Pattaya bars with Jimbo, a friend from Australia. We began our adventure in Soi Diana at 7.30 p.m.

The night was hot but not unpleasant. We had one drink at a beer bar located beside The Bliss Mansion in Soi Dianna, Pattaya. The atmosphere was very ordinary. It seemed like everyone was still getting over the big Soi Diana party that raged the previous evening.

I had my camera with me so we decided that we would take some photos of some of the Thai bar girls we met along the way. We also decided we should nominate one bar girl, out of all those that we meet and take photos of, for the "Most accommodating Thai bar girl" award of the night.

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After quenching our thirst at the second bar we jumped in my car, drove to Soi 7 and parked up in the car park behind the beer bars. I had promised a friend, OD ,that we would join him in Soi 8 to watch Roger Federer V's Marit Safin. During one of his research trips downtown Pattaya OD discovered a small intimate beer bar with LCD wide screen.

There were only two girls at the bar.

The management even have the commentary playing. Not like a lot of other beer bars that play loud music over the TV sound track. We thought the Thai cashier at this bar was worth some digital space on my camera card so I took a few photos of her. 

The Cashier 

At first she was most reluctant to have her picture taken but a technique I learned in Pattaya Bar Girls Report about taking photos of Thai girls enabled me to put her at ease.

Downloading and reading that eBook about Thai bar girls was one of the best decisions I made last year.

Anyway Federer defeated Safin and we decided to carry on down to South Pattaya to check out some Thai bar girls at a bar that had been hyped up on one of the Thai forums. That bar turned out to be a big flop.

You can't believe half the stuff you read about Pattaya and Thai bar girls on forums. But you know what? You will always have a memorable outing in Pattaya if you have the right attitude.

Here is another website where you will find more photos of Thai Girls in Pattaya

On our way to the beer bar mentioned above we met a charming young Pattaya bar girl. She was on her way to do something that all girls must do frequently. Yes she was on the way to the ladies room to have a pee.

In this picture at the left you will notice "Aee" is clutching that all important piece of paper "tissue" in her hand.

The Thais call it GRADAT TISSUE.

Despite her call to nature, in true Thai spirit she was happy to allow me to take her photo outside the beer bar. In fact I took several photos of her before she began to laugh and tell me about her mission.

This is why we have honored her the winner of the "Most accommodating Thai bar girl" award. Even though Aee is smiling you would not know what she is thinking. She might be annoyed by this foreigner who has stopped her on her way to a very important function.

This brings to mind the eBook I read last year. It is called the Pattaya Bar Girls Report. The book discusses the ways of the Thai bar girls, how they think and the importance of saving face. It was that book that saved me a lot of time, money and frustration.

The eBook guide showed me some step by step scenarios for courting Thai bar girls. It also helped me in my approach to taking nice photos of these beautiful ladies of the night.

Now I recommend this book to every male I meet between the age of 18 and 80. I tell them to read it and then come to Pattaya." It will change your life" and help you to understand the Thai bar girls..

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