Seeking Romance With Thai Girls

Thai Girls are the most beautiful women in the world, some western men consider. Thai Bar girls are the girls that the majority of western men who visit Thailand will meet, not main stream Thai girls who have an education. The best way to meet main stream Thai ladies is through an on line database such as:
Thai Love Links

There are thousands of Thai ladies seeking romance, friendship or just pen pals in Thai Love Links database. A foreigner meets a Pattaya bar girl and believes he can control or mold her into becoming the ideal partner of his dreams. This paragraph is targeted at the western men who come to Pattaya or Thailand seeking romance with Thai girls.

An advertisement in the personal column of one of the Pattaya news papers read something like this:

"Swiss male early fifties lonely in big house in South Pattaya. Would like Thai girl friend. I like to read books and go for long walks. Nothing to do. Bored with living alone."

What this man doesn't seem to realize is that most Thai girls love to joke around, play games, and have fun. This is called "SANOOK" in Thai.

Most Thai girls don't like to live in such a big house unless there is a maid to help with the cleaning. Very few Thai girls tend to do much reading and long walks just make you hot and tired without any fun.

Remember the Cindy Lauper song "Girls Just Love To Have Fun" keep this in mind while on your holiday in Pattaya. If you are regarded as a fun person then you will possess the magnetism for the "Pattaya" girls. Don't forget your wallet.  For an in depth understanding of Thai girls and the advantages of having one as your partner read After-The-Rush by: Bill Williams.

If you are looking beyond the sensational night life of Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok and are dreaming of a perfect Thai wife, partner or just finding a Thai girl to live with then this Thai partner guide written by an Australian who has lived up country in Thailand for near on 6 years will save you hours of potential wasted experience.

It'll take you by the hand and give you a clear understanding of the Thai lifestyle. It will also dazzle you with its little known secrets that will help you easily meet main stream Thai women... And bring astounding changes to your life as you currently know it! Just knowing some of the littlest things about the finer points of this exotic paradise will keep you in good health, wealth and wisdom. Take a look at this revealing eBook.

Pattaya Call Girls

Some internet surfers sometimes search for "Pattaya call girls". There are some call girl agencies here which operate in this western style of make a telephone call and book a Thai call girl unseen.

However just a short walk from most hotels in Pattaya you can meet your fancy face to face. The terminology Pattaya Call Girls could become a reality as more and more bar girls arm themselves with mobile telephones.
More about Thai call girls.

There have been many fascinating stories written in newspapers and books about encounters and relationships between western men and Thailand girls. Some have happy endings some have horrific outcomes. However don't be discouraged by any negative information you might read about girls from Thailand.

Just be careful. Think of this, most of the girls here are not stupid but a lot of naive westerners visit Thailand assuming the rules here will be the same as in their country. That is BIG mistake number one.

Pattaya Bar Girls Report has a varied collection of Thai bar girl stories &115 must read tips about Thai bar girls, finding the Thai girl of your dreams, real life stories and cultural encounters. It is well worth reading to gain insight to the likes and dislikes of the girls, who some men consider are the world's most beautiful women.

Pattaya Thai Girl Personals

If you have already spent time searching for the right Thai woman for you in Thailand but are having difficulty linking up with a sincere partner then visit Thai Love Links or another reliable site Thai Love Lines.

One of the many advantages of searching for a partner on Thai Love Lines or Thai Love Links Personals is the possibility that the person you contact can already read and write English.

You can view photos and details of Thai women looking for men. They may be looking for a dating partner, a friend or a husband. In my opinion Thai Love Links is the better choice because the database contains mainly beautiful Thai women looking for men.

Asian women online

The Thai Sex Trade

The sex trade in women in Thailand arose from social conditions. Temporary work in the sex industry may be seen as fate or karma, not a moral flaw in the girl herself, or it may be seen as work for her family that gains her karmic merit.

Most bar girls prefer to keep their employment secret from their parents. However their parents must turn a blind eye to the obvious source of their daughter's income.

The majority of these girls are educated to 6th year level or less which places them in the lower income bracket.

A salary survey for 31.7 million Thai workers nationwide reveals that 11.1 million Thais earn a monthly salary less than 1,560 baht per month. That's one third of the registered work force. The next one third earn less than 4,500 baht per month. Around 70% of the bar girls have at least one child to support and in most cases are expected to provide financial assistance to mum, dad, and perhaps a brother or two.

How Much Does It Cost to Have......... ?

How much do bar girls cost in Pattaya? If you meet a bar girl who agrees to become your companion for the evening then a fee is paid to the bar owner to allow her to leave the bar. The bar fee (bar fine) varies according to the type of establishment in which you find your honey. It could be from 300 to 600 baht or even more.

These establishments are Go Go Bars where the girls dance on a cat walk or stage, Pattaya Beer Bars which are usually outdoor bars and Short Time Bars which are usually dimly lit indoor bars full of beautiful Thai women.

Staying In Touch With Thai Girls

An important factor to consider in your relationship with a Thai lady is keeping the communication channels open when you return to your country with out her. Stay in touch by e-mail or Save up to 90% on international telephone calls with Virtual Calling Cards!

A lot of bar owners set up e-mail accounts for their girls. That's useful if your sweetheart has computer skills and can type in your language. The girls who don't have these skills will hire the services of a translation office such as those found in Soi Post Office, South Pattaya.The standard translation fee that the Thai girl will have to pay is around 40 baht for one page.

Even then, the copy you receive will not be perfect and will sometimes be tainted with the personal ideas and views of the translator. When you use the telephone to stay in touch it's nice to hear that sweet voice close to your ear. The telephone bill could burn a hole in your pocket unless you have a way to make cheap international telephone calls.

I just have to tell you this:

One evening while strolling along a Soi of known repute a beautiful Thai lady stepped from the doorway of a bar and walked quickly past me her mobile phone (hand phone) ringing in her hand. She slipped into a narrow space between two buildings then answered her call.

"Hello darling" a pause.........then "No I not work bar darling I stay at home"

Tip: Make sure your honey has her mobile "call" phone turned off before you get down to serious business.

Where You Come From?

A question often asked by Thai girls. If you ask the same question of a Thai they will usually tell you the name of the province where their family live sometimes preceded by the Thai word CHANGWAAT (province). As there are more than 60 provinces in Thailand it is a good chance you will never have heard of the place. To familiarize yourself with the provinces and get an idea how far from Pattaya your sweet Thai girl's home is take a look at this map of Thailand.

Thai Girl Encounters

During the years that I have lived in Pattaya I have discovered there are various levels of communication you can enjoy provided you have a broadminded approach to understanding the Thais' ways of thinking and going about their everyday routines.

These levels of communication can be physical, emotional, spiritual, and material. And sometimes they are all mixed together like a cocktail that you must really taste to become sensitized to the levels of communication that are deeply influenced by Thai culture and custom.

Would you agree that understanding the same language as the person you are engaging with would be highly beneficial to the depth and level of communication you can achieve? If not, would it not be somewhat like sipping your cocktail without your tongue?

If you plan to stay in Pattaya for a few months or so then I highly recommend you learn to speak Thai. Speaking the language of the Kingdom of Thailand will gain you respect and help the actions and thoughts in your everyday life blend into the cocktail of Thai Custom and Culture.

Returning to the heading of this paragraph your "Thai Girl Encounters" would surely be enhanced. Here is a link to an amazing Thai language training program. This is one of the easiest ways to learn Thai through pictures and audio.

It is a fun program.  It includes 39,000 Word Dictionary, Over 5,000 Pictures, More than 5,000 Sounds recorded by Thai native speakers. The audio is great because it makes it so easy to remember the tones.

Thai Girls and Hotel Charges

Be aware that some hotels will charge an add on fee if you take a Thai bar girl to your room. Most hotels will ask your Thai girl to deposit her ID card at the reception until she leaves the hotel.

So make sure she has an ID card before you both leave the bar. For tips about how to hire a bar girl in Pattaya, download the Pattaya Bar Girls Report.

Supporting TEELUK (sweetheart or darling)

Back in the days that my friend taught English, beautiful 19 to 21 year old Thai ladies dominated all of his classes. One of the topics his students enjoyed was "describe your perfect partner". On the top of the list of attributes that their partner must have is "a load of money".

Lots of foreigners (falangs) fall in love in Thailand. Newcomers to Thailand should never attempt to find the girl of their dreams until they have become familiar with the culture and customs.

If you really have met the love of your life in Pattaya or another part of Thailand then if she is a bar girl you will probably ask her to stop working in the bar and will feel obliged to give her some financial support while you are slogging away earning more money in your own country. If you don't feel obliged then she hasn't done her job.

Think seriously before you send her any money. Think very seriously. If you find yourself in this situation then there are certain things that you should know and several ways to approach this "supporting darling" situation.

To help you I will give you one of my proven strategies in a free confidential report that I have written. The report is called "Thai Girls and Sending Money Mini Report".

It discusses;

  • Financial support.
  • What to do before Sending Money to a Thai girl.
  • Thai girls sex and money.
  • My proven strategy
  • Her pain and how to avoid it.
  • Your frustration and how to avoid it.

The "Thai Girls and Sending Money Mini Report" is a free downloadable .pdf file. Just type your name and email address into the form below, hit the button and I will immediately send you the download link.

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