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There are hundreds of Short Time Bars in Pattaya. Most punters agree that the best short time bars are in Soi Six. The short time bars are well patronized by the local ex pat community. I once read a post in an internet forum on Pattaya Bar girls and bars.

The participants were tourists who had visited Pattaya many times for short holidays. They were planning to meet at a certain short time bar and commented that it must be a good place because the local ex pats go there often. Those ex pats sure would appreciate your confidence in their good tastes guys. Some do try to keep a low profile. The short time bars are convenient for that.

The usual duration of a short time can be an hour to 90 minutes, depending on how you approach the deal. There are two ways to make the deal with a girl in these bars.

1. The uninformed way.

2. The L.A.P.T.O.P. approach.

You can learn about L.A.P.T.O.P. in Pattaya Bar Girls Report.

By the way it has nothing to do with lap dancing or computers.

Even some ex pats who have lived in Thailand for several years are making the same old mistakes. They still get "worked over" by Thai bar girls.


Because they haven't learned the secrets.

Before you come to Thailand to chase Thai girls I highly recommend you download and read Pattaya Bar Girls Report.

The Pattaya Bar Girls Report reveals the ways of the Thai bar girls juxtaposed Thai culture.

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It explains the importance of saving face and how understanding the many levels of this concept can lead you through an unforgettable adventure with some of the most beautiful women in the world.

These Thai beauties can manipulate and entrance the unsuspecting visitor. Read the report and be prepared before you come to Pattaya..

The short time bars open at around 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon and close at 1:00 a.m. the following morning.

The short time girls are attractive and willing to please. If you plan to spend most of your holiday indulging in horizontal activities then do yourself a favor and download the Pattaya Bar Girls Report.

How Much Does a Short Time Bar Girl Cost?

There are no dancers in these short time bars. However these Thai girls will keep you on the edge of your seat with their sometimes passionate affections.

If you are sufficiently overwhelmed then you will have the opportunity to pay a "Bar Fine" of 200 to 300 baht to have private time with your chosen companion. Of course you and your companion will have to come to some agreement about what happens next.

What Is a "Bar Fine"?

The "Bar Fine"is a fee that covers the short time rental for a room, which in short time bars, is usually located up stairs. It also covers part of the monthly salary that the Thai bar owner has to pay to the bar girl. Bar fines are also paid to the bar when a punter wishes to take the girl away from the bar. For example take her to his hotel room for some private fun. Some bar owners consider the bar fine compensates the bar for the "lack luster" effect of the girl's absence from the bar.

The short time bar fine is usually less than the long time bar fine to take the girl away from the bar. The long time bar fine is calculated on a daily basis. A typical rate would be 300 baht for short time and 500 baht per day for long time.

How much is a Bar Girl's Monthly Salary?

"Bar Fine" To Take a Girl Out of The Bar

As mentioned above, if you take the girl away from the bar then the bar fine will be more. This helps compensate the owner of the bar for the solicited drink profits he/she might lose in the bar girl's absence. If you strike up a good rapport with a bar girl you might decide you would like to have her company for a few days or even more.

There are many variances here and too many to mention on this page. It is mind boggling what you can negotiate especially if you have the right approach. Remember there are two separate fees that you might have to negotiate; the bar fine and the girl's private fee.

Usually it takes years of experience and lots of costly mistakes to learn the ways of the Thai girls and how to negotiate in the bars.

Here is a quicker way to learn. Download this e-Book:

After reading this one hundred and ten page e-Book you will have the knowledge to help you manage the multitude of situations that you will encounter in The Land Of Smiles. You will be made aware of un thought-of opportunities that can come your way.

Make sure you read the Pattaya Bar Girls Report before you come to Pattaya it will save you time and money. There I have recommended this book many times already. Don't make the same mistakes that I and thousands of other men have made in Pattaya

More information about the Pattaya Nightlife e-Book

Inside Short Time Bars

The owners of most of these short time bars have succeeded in creating a congenial atmosphere with lounge type seating dimmed lighting, and sometimes a laptop stacked up with a variety of music from all genres.

Happy Pattaya short time girls

Most of the bar owners/managers are laid back enough to allow you to use the laptop to set the mood by selecting the background music. Some have a large video screen and show videos of live music concerts.

Hands on Short Time Experience

Being able to speak Thai opens up many doors. One advantage is that you can collect lots of useful information direct from the Thais. The girls are not afraid to tell you exactly what goes on in the short time bars.

I'm always fascinated by the various techniques some girls use to become top of the class in their bar. Meaning the one who pulls the most foreigners up stairs to UP NAM (Thai for "take a shower").

Guest friendly hotels Pattaya.

Lek is one short time girl who really had it all planned out. Her routine could entice as many as 10 customers per day to climb the stairs to the short time rooms giving stiff competition (no pun intended) to her lovely colleagues. You can read more about Lek, the LAPTOP method and lots of other girls in the Pattaya Bar Girls Report.

Satisfying Your Preferences

It is important for you and your proposed short time partner to come to some agreement on just what you expect from her.

More Titillating Reading

We can't say much more about these establishments on this web site because of our agreement with our service provider host. But you can enjoy a lot more titillating reading good advice and detail in Pattaya Nightlife Guide already mentioned on this page.

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Popular Short Time Bars

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Lips Bar Soi Six North Pattaya
My Friend You Soi Six North Pattaya
The Winchester Jomtein
The Red Point Soi Six North Pattaya
Butterfly Bar Soi Country Club
Three Angels Soi Six North Pattaya
Aquadeyme Soi 47 Nernplabwaan
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