Pattaya Weather (Rainfall, Temperature, Tides)

Planning a trip to Pattaya?

It helps to know what kind of weather to expect when you arrive. We could tell you it's great weather in Pattaya most of the year. We think Pattaya weather is super. That's one of the reasons we are still here. Displayed in the box near the Pattaya "Temperature & Rainfall" table are the weather conditions in Pattaya for the next days including today.

Also in the weather box below is a special link to the weather site which will display a weather table showing you the Pattaya weather forecast ten days in advance from today. That should be useful even for those lucky foreigners who live in Pattaya. The "Temperature & Rainfall" table below displays the average monthly rainfall temperature for Pattaya.

Weather in Pattaya For Next Days

Temperature & Rainfall

January 31 87 30 1.1
February 33 91 43 1.6
March 34 93 50 2.0
April 35 95 60 2.3
May 34 93 190 7.4
June 33 91 85 3.3
July 32 90 96 3.7
August 32 90 110 4.3
September 31 89 240 9.4
October 31 88 240 9.4
November 31 88 85 3.3
December 30 86 35 1.3

We use the day advance Pattaya weather report when we are planning an excursion to another location in Thailand. Sometimes we need a break from "Party City".

On some occasions we travel to an area near Sattahip where there is a quiet beach with crystal clear water, delicious food, lots of shady trees, and no beach walking vendors. It is a great beach to swim at high tide. We prefer to swim at most beaches around Pattaya on the high tide.

At low tide it is just too shallow and you have to walk out a long way to reach a depth at which you can swim. Click on this link to check out the:
Tidal chart for levels predicted at Sattahip.

After-The-Rush has more details about how to get to the tranquil beach near Sattahip and a few other secluded beaches in the area.

Pattaya Tidal Chart

For tidal predictions at Pattaya beaches we use the:
Tidal chart recorded at Ko Si Chang the nearest tide station to Pattaya.
If you plan to venture out to sea during your visit to Pattaya please check the weather conditions before you begin your adventure.

Best Time To Visit Pattaya

  • Pattaya has a high rainfall period during May but
  • September and October are the wettest months. Sometimes with violent lightning storms.
  • November to February is hot but the best weather for a holiday in Pattaya.
  • March to May is hot and humid and not such a good time to come to Pattaya for a holiday.
  • April is the hottest month in Pattaya.

The "Temperature & Rainfall" table located in the top fold of this page above displays the typical rainfall figures for a twelve month period.

Stormy Weather

Pattaya storm

Whilst on a fishing expedition off the coast of Pattaya a friend shot this picture of a precipitous storm cloud hovering over his return path to Pattaya bay. He reported feeling a little uneasy about his safety and the seaworthiness of the boat he and his friends hired from Pattaya Beach.

Does Pattaya Flood?

flooding street Pattaya
Corner of Soi Dianna and Soi LK Metro.

During the rainy season in Thailand some of the streets of Pattaya are prone to flooding. One such street or Soi is Soi Dianna Inn which runs between Soi Buakhao and Second Road.

Here is a photo of Soi Dianna after a rapid tropical drenching. The rain didn't last long just an hour or so and the Soi transformed into a shallow river.

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