Thai Year Converter

There are two Thai year converters on this page. The first tool converts the Thai year to Western and the second tool converts the Western year to Thai Buddhist Era (BE).

If you wish to input another year just Tap/Click the green "Reset" button to clear the current answer.

The Thai year calculation used in the converter is derived from the Thai Buddhist year. It is believed that the counting of the Buddhist years began at the death of Gautama Buddha on 11th March 543 BC. In 2455 BE, (AD 1912) King Rama VI changed the year counting to start on the 1st of April. It is now the legal calendar in Thailand. Years are counted in the Buddhist Era (BE) which began 543 years before the Christian Era.

Many Thai calendars display the Thai year and Gregorian (Western) year.


The Western year or "Farang year" input is based on the Gregorian calendar which is also called the Western calendar or Christian calendar.

You could do a quick calculation in your head to arrive at the Thai year but if you are like me and don't do the Western to Thai year conversion often enough to remember the arithmetic then you might find this Western year to Thai year converter tool very useful.

It is simple to convert Thai year to Gregorian just by subtracting 543 from the Thai year. And to convert from Western (Gregorian) to Thai (BE), add 543 to the year that you wish to convert. Alternatively, use one of the convenient converters on this page.

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