Baht Bus Pattaya

The local transport vehicle known as "Baht Bus" is a cheap way to get around in Pattaya. It is important to know how to travel on the baht busses in Pattaya without being hustled.

Pattaya Baht Bus Route

Baht bus Pattaya

The Thais call them "SONG THAEW" which has absolutely nothing to do with music. SONG THAEW translates as "two rows" signifying the two bench seats either side in the back of the vehicle.

The main Baht Bus route runs in an anti-clockwise route south down Beach Road One, making a left turn into South Pattaya Road, left again at Second Rd., then travels north up Second Road as far as North Pattaya Road and back down to Beach Road One again.

If you want to travel toward Sukhumvit Road you can get off at Middle Road (Pattaya Glang) or North Pattaya Road and catch another baht bus going in that direction.

Baht Bus Fare

Baht buses are the cheapest transport for getting around in Pattaya. The official fare within Pattaya city is 10 baht however foreigners are sometimes expected to pay 20 baht per person, for one whole leg of the circuit, say from North Pattaya Dolphin Roundabout to Walking Street at South Pattaya. This controversy is discussed in more detail in Pattaya Bar Girls Report.

The fare from South Pattaya Second Road intersection to Jomtien is 10 baht. From South Pattaya up the hill to Royal Cliff Beach resort count on 30 baht. Flag down a "Baht Bus" and jump on.

There are certain signals which the Thais use to indicate the Baht Bus route they wish to take. Knowing these signals can save you some time and money. For more information on this topic sign up for our free Pattaya Reports.

When you get to where you want to go, press a buzzer (usually above your head) and the driver will stop the vehicle. Then get out walk to the front of the Baht Bus and pay the driver. Try to have the correct fare. If you give him 100 baht, he may drive off with a big smile on his face without giving you any change.

A rule of thumb is to have plenty of five baht coins in your pocket. The locals still pay only 5 baht per head a fifty percent discount. For tips on how to pay five baht (the official fare) for your Baht Bus ride plus a whole lot of really useful tips about the bar girls download Pattaya- bar-girls Report.

Contact For Pattaya Baht Bus

If you have any problems with a baht bus driver over charging you then you should take note of the number printed on the side of the vehicle and report the incident to:

Pattaya City Manager: Tel: 038429216 OR
Banglamung District Baht Bus Cooperative: Tel: 038221271 / 038423554
[Click on the baht bus picture above to view a larger image which clearly displays the number printed on the side of the vehicle.]

Traveling Further By Pattaya Baht Bus Taxi

If you want to go somewhere off the regular route, find an empty Baht Bus and negotiate a fare with the driver before you get on. But don't put one foot inside the vehicle until you make sure the driver knows where he is going! Once and only once did I jump on a baht bus without first double checking.

After passing the same bank two times I began to feel suspicious and rang the bell many times before the driver actually halted the vehicle. When questioned about the route taken he replied "Too much traffic". He then admitted, with a grin, he didn't know where the place was.

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You can hire a Baht bus to take you just about anywhere. Use them like you would an un metered taxi however if your travel time exceeds 35 minutes I'd advise you to hire a minibus or car with driver.

If you are traveling alone you could negotiate a deal for the Baht Bus front seat beside the driver if it is vacant. I did this once. When the driver realised I could speak Thai he didn't stop talking for the whole 40 minute journey. I sat back and enjoyed the air conditioning.

Sitting for long periods in the back of a Song Taow (some have low roofs which make you bend your neck or back) can make you tired or ache a little on reaching your destination. OK if you are rehearsing for the roll of Hunch Back of Notre Dam.

Two friends and I once used a Baht Bus to travel from Pattaya to Sriracha, a thirty five minute ride to have dinner at a restaurant. Something I didn't realise until we were well on our way at a very high speed was the leaking exhaust. Diesel fumes on an empty stomach for 35 minutes can make one feel rather nauseated.

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