Learn to Speak Thai Language Easy

Speaking Thai is a Great Advantage

What language do Thai people speak? They speak Thai. Learning to speak Thai has some great advantages when you are trying to communicate with Pattaya bar girls.

Even some "high rollers" warm up to you when you speak Thai.

Speaking Thai is fun and very useful. One advantage you will gain from learning how to speak Thai is being able to use your Thai language as a measure to determine the mercenary level of your combatant.

Learn to speak Thai easy

If she shies away or gives you the cold shoulder when she hears you speak in Thai it is because she will think you are too street wise for her to dig deep enough into your wallet. She moves away from you to find a dummy and you and your money are saved. Here is how I view being able to speak Thai.

Speak Like A Thai

Speaking Thai is like having one master key to many doors.

Here is a little secret I want to share with you. You might think, ”Learning Thai is too difficult” But that is not so if you have access to a computer. You can learn to speak like a Thai.

Speak Thai Download

This Speak Thai Easy the Fun Way program can quickly help you speak Thai. It has helped me.

When I first began learning to speak Thai I had so much fun with this language program.This speak Thai program has crystal clear audio of Thai men and women speaking plus images to help you remember the phrases and Thai vocabulary.

Useful Thai Phrases

I learned to say some useful Thai phrases like:
"Could you say that again please?"


"How much is that?"
Speak in Thai: NUN TOWRAI KRAHP?
I also learned the numbers and how to count.
Speak in Thai: NEUNG, SONG, SAM…. = one, two, three… .
Learn to speak in Thai the useful phrases that will help you to learn Thai.
Such as:
"Could you speak more slowly please?"
"What do you call that?"

Learn Thai Free

With your useful Thai phrases you can go to the Thai markets to practice counting and asking how much things are in Thai language. The Thai vendors will help you with your Thai language acquisition. There you can learn Thai free.

You can learn Thai free when you are in Thailand. But if you really want to speak Thai and you are not in Thailand and don't have the opportunity to learn Thai free from the Thai people the natural way, then the next best thing to help you learn to speak Thai language is a good Thai language program with audio.

The internet has several learn Thai free web sites that you can visit to learn Thai online. But I must warn you that your rate of learning to speak Thai online will be very slow. Slow page loads is one challenge plus I have found that, at some sites, the audio is not clear. I tried to learn Thai online and it frustrated me until I found this amazing program.

You might think you can learn some useful Thai phrases from a Thai phrase book. This is possible but make sure whatever you purchase has a learn Thai audio disk included. A good speak Thai audio inclusion is very important because of the tones and great number of sounds that you will not be accustomed to if your language is English or European.

Strange Thai Sounds

You will have to memorize hundreds of strange sounds you have never heard before. To learn so many new Thai sounds quickly and be able to remember them all you will need some method to help stimulate your memory.

I find that images connected with a word or sound help me to remember with lightening speed. The Speak Thai Easy the Fun Way program that I use has thousands of images to help you to easily remember the words and phrases.

To learn Thai and to be able to speak clearly, pronounce the tones, and speak like a Thai native speaker you need to listen to Thai language spoken by a Thai person. Thai language is very tonal.

Lots of memorable images that have some association with the words can help you to remember the words and phrases you need to ad to your vocabulary. Using an audio visual language learning method like they do at the above mentioned site is essenctial for rapid acquisition of the language.

Listen to Thais Speaking Thai

How much listening practise do you think you will get from just reading a Thai phrase book? Absolutly zero. To be able to communicate with Thai people you will need to understand their response when they speak Thai with you. Listening to Thai language is just as important as being able to speak Thai. To develope your listening skills listen to audio recordings of Thai native speakers.

If you are in Thailand you can watch and listen to Thai TV or the radio. If you are not lucky enough to to have the time in Thailand to listen to Thai being spoken then the Speak Thai program mentioned above will give you hours of practise at listening to native Thai speakers.

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