Walking Street Pattaya

Walking Street Pattaya would have to be the most diverse entertainment street in the world. In this 850 meter long entertainment strip you will find restaurants, night clubs, live music venues, go go bars, beer bars, discos, Muay Thai boxing, fast food shops, accommodation, mini marts, clothing and accessory stores, gold shops, money exchangers, tattoo shops, artists and art shops, street theatre performers, freelancer ladies, ladyboys and much more.

The Pattaya Walking Street girls are a joy to watch as they turn on their charm and entice foreigners to enter their houses of fun (the go go bars and beer bars).

Here is a Walking Street girls story.

A friend of mine is married to a Thai lady and lives in Bangkok. His wife has three sisters and between them they have four beautiful Thai daughters ages 17 to 19. They had never been to Walking Street Pattaya but one weekend they decided to to travel to Pattaya to checkout the Pattaya Walking Street girls.

The four girls decided it would be fun to dress up like the Pattaya Walking Street girls and have some fun observing howmany foreigners (falang) would try to pick them up on Walking Street. Does this sound a little dangerous? Anyway they reported that they had an outrageous evening and arrived safely at their Walking Street hotel at the end of the night.

Question, how many other beautiful ladies would have been visiting the entertainment strip in this manner?

Here are some dance clubs or discos that you can check out in Walking Street Pattaya. All these dance bars are located on Walking Street.

  • Candy Shop
  • Electric Blue
  • Insomnia Disco
  • Tony's
  • Marine Disco

Pattaya Bar Hopping Map

There is a Pattaya Bar Hopping Map and a Walking Street Go Go Bars map that you can download and use to find Walking Street bars. This map is updated every year. You can take a look at the:

Pattaya Bar Hopping Map here.

The link to the Walking Street Go Go Bars map is located further down this page.

The Pattaya bar hopping map includes:

  • 20 outdoor bars,
  • 60 of Pattaya's most popular go go bars
  • and 20 no hassle couples bars.
Pattaya Walking Street map for bar hopping

These are not ALL Walking Street bars. Some of these bars are located on Beach Road Pattaya. If you like you can download the bar hopping map and print it out for your own personal use.

On the same web page you will see some popular bar girl resources.

If you have ever considered sending money to a Thai girl then have a serious look at “Thai Girls and Sending Money”

If you are bored with the shows in the go go bars then take a stroll down to the Marine Bar and look for the Turkish Ice Cream Kiosk. I guarantee you will be entertained. This is a completely different show.

Cost of drinks on Walking Street.

How much is a beer at a bar on Walking Street?

The drink prices vary from bar to bar.

The Roxy Go Go Bar charges 65 baht for a small bottle of Chang beer. They do not sell draught beer. The ladies drinks are 100 baht. At the time of writing, the girls in this bar were not pushy.

Annabelle's go go bar is a "must visit" if you really need to meet some of the naughtiest girls in town and experience the lustiness of the night life entertainment. The girls here are very friendly and the drink prices are reasonable starting at 75 baht for a glass of draft beer at HAPPY HOUR which starts at 7pm and finishes at 10pm. House spirits, Whisky, Gin, Rum, Tequila and Vodka are also sold at reduced prices, 75 baht, during happy hour.

As you walk into Walking Street from Beach Road you come to Annabelle's on your left near the corner of Soi 14.

Walking Street Videos

Looking for videos of the girls in Walking Street? OK then here are some videos taken of the:

Walking Street Girls in Pattaya Thailand.

Just scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Here is some friendly advice. Don't try taking videos inside the go go bars unless you have prior permission from the manager of the bar. The operators and owners can sometimes be surprisingly aggressive when implementing the rules.

Walking Street Bars Map

Here is a bigger map showing the location of the go go bars in Walking Street. You can also download this map for your own personal use.

Walking Street Go Go Bars Map

More Walking Street Bars

Another go go bar that is worth a visit is the Peppermint. Here they have draught beer for 50 baht per glass at happy hour. Every time I have visited the Peppermint the girls have not been too pushy for that lady drink. It has three stages for go go dancers.

There are usually around twenty girls dancing at one time and lots of free girls to entertain you. The Peppermint A Go Go is located on the ground floor near the Marine Bar Disco.

Take a look at the Khatoeys on the right as you approach the escalator. There are lots of ladyboys in Walking Street.

The Airport Go Go bar in Walking Street gets a few good raves from time to time but the last time I visited the Airport Bar the bar girls were a bit worn out, and I don't think that was from just dancing. Most of the pretty go go dancers were gone. Not just taken for the evening, they had left the job. Learn more about Pattaya Bar Girls and the Pattaya nightlife.

Where is Walking Street?

"How do I find Walking Street in Pattaya?" you might ask.

Walking Street is easy to find because of its location right on the beach at South Pattaya. If you are on South Pattaya Road then you can just keep going in the direction towards the beach and you will come to Walking Street on your left at the intersection of South Pattaya Road and Beach Road. You won't be able to travel any further on South Pattaya Road because it finishes at that Beach Road intersection.

Look up and you will notice the big video advertising display at the entrance to Walking Street.

If you are on Beach Road then you can travel South along Beach Road until it becomes Walking Street at the big video advertising display that spans the width of the street above the entrance.

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