Supermarkets & Shopping In Pattaya

Pattaya is a stimulating place for an avid shopper. What do you want to buy? You name it and the Thais will probably be able to provide it.

Clothing, art, paintings, sculptures, leather goods, bags, suit cases, silver, gold, pottery, sporting goods, wood craft, furniture, ceramics, jewelry, gems, computer software, electronics, digital cameras, music, musical instruments, antiques, .............

Pattaya Supermarkets

A Westerner's shopping needs for groceries, cosmetics, stationary, pharmaceutical or household items are well and truly catered for by the Supermarkets in Pattaya.

Around 35,000 expats have made Pattaya their homebase. An average of more than seven million tourists from overseas visit Pattaya each year. These statistics might be the clue to why the supermarkets are apt to satisfying the needs of visitors to this lively and entertaining city.

Big C Supermarkets

Operating hours 09:00 to 24:00 seven days a week.

The Big C major stores feature many speciality shops in the building which is usualy two floors. The supermarket is located on the top floor while most of the speciality stores are on the ground floor.

There is also parking on the ground floor under the complex. Big C Supermarkets are located at three locations around Pattaya.

  • Big C North Pattaya at the Dolphin Roundabout Fountain end of Second Road opposite Tiffany's Ladyboy Show.
    038 361361 |
  • Big C Extra in Central Road between Third Road and Sukhumvit Road on the right traveling from Sukhumvit toward the beach.
  • Big C South Pattaya off South Pattaya Road at the Sukhumvit end.
    038 374800-14 |

Mini Big C

Operating hours 24/7

Mini Big C
Big C Mini Mart in Soi Nernplabwaan.

These smaller versions of the Big C company are scattered through out the suburban areas of Pattaya. They are not as prolific as Seven Eleven stores which some locals say are found almost every two blocks apart especially on the main feed roads to suburban areas.

Tesco Lotus Supermarkets

Operating hours 09:00 to 23:00 seven days a week.

Tesco Lutus supermarket Pattaya
Tesco Lotus Supermarket South Pattaya

There are two of these hyper markets in Pattaya. These stores are the biggest of the supermarket chains in Pattaya.

They have a good selection of fresh produce, processed food, and many of the retail brands from the UK.

Each of these stores feature speciality shops, banks with ATM machines, and a food court. There is ample under cover parking for motorbikes and cars.

The two Lotus locations are as follows.

  • Tesco Lotus North Pattaya at the Dolphin Roundabout Fountain end of North Pattaya Road opposite Pattaya City Hall.
    038 370910-30 |
  • Tesco Lotus South Pattaya on Sukhumvit Road on the right past Thep Prastit Road traveling South. Address:408/2 M.12, Sukhumvit Rd., Nong Prue, Bang Lamung.
    038-300800-24 |

Villa Supermarket

Operating hours 24/7

Lots of imported food products. A little more expensive than the larger supermarkets but they feature some Western food items that the others do not stock.

  • Located on the ground floor of The Avenue Shopping Complex Second Road.
    038-489463-482 |

Best Supermarket

Operating hours 08:00 to 01:00 seven days a week.

Best has two major locations:
  • At North Pattaya Road on the left traveling toward Sukhumvit Road about one hundred meters after the Dolphin Roundabout Fountain.
    038 425806 (038 427588-90)
  • Central Pattaya on the corner of Second Road and Pattaya Central Road.
    038 429089

The store on North Pattaya Road is the larger of the two stores. There is limited parking at the back of the shop and at the front on North Pattaya Road. The shelves feature specials from time to time. They seem to do a good deal on Tong Garden Nuts.

There is a small bakery section at the front of the store. There is a fair range of fresh produce and decent supply of imported processed food products.

Best supermarket on Central Road is a small store and has a popular bottle shop which sells imported wines and spirits.

Friendship Supermarket

Operating hours 24/7

Friendship Supermarket South Pattaya Rd.

Friendship is a great supermarket for those who are staying in the South Pattaya area. Like Foodland this store has a good range of imported Western food products. They often have special discounted products on the shelves.

There is ample parking at the front and side of the supermarket. Although on Fridays and Tuesdays parking spaces become scarce because some people park up and go to the TALARD NUT (Market) across the street and that sells everything

Parking customers are issued a ticket which must be stamped by the store cashier at the check out counter. A minimum purchase of 200 baht is required. No stamped ticket, no free parking and a parking fee of 200 baht will be charged.

Operating hours 07:30 to 02:30 seven days a week.

  • One location on South Pattaya Road 250 meters from Third Road intersection on the left traveling toward the beach.
    038 723514-7

Tops Supermarkets

Operating hours 09:00 to 22:00 seven days a week.

Tops sells a wide variety of local and imported groceries, fresh produce and household products. The three main Tops stores are located at:

  • Basement of Central Festival Shopping Mall on Second Road about 300 meters South of Pattaya Central Road.
    038 723 725 |
  • The Basement of Tukcom IT Center South Pattaya Road South Pattaya about 300 meters from from Third Road intersection on the left traveling toward the beach.
  • The Chilled in Soi Boonsampan on the Dark Side. 9/9 Moo 10, Nong Prue, Bang Lamung, Chon Buri 20150
    +66 87 998 4999 |

Tops closed down their store at the Second Road, Pattaya Central Road intersection and expanded the store below Tukcom IT center.

Foodland Supermarket

Operating hours 24/7

Foodland Supermarket Pattaya Klang (Central Road).

Foodland would have to be one of the most popular supermarkets in Pattaya. The store features a lot of imported processed food products. You will find products from UK, Australia, America and Europe.

Here is a discription of Foodland at Central Road. At the rear of the store is the meat section where you can buy fresh meat and have it carved on the spot by the store's butcher.

In the front section of the supermarket at the left of the main entrance is a bakery featuring a wide variety of items fresh from the oven.

Also inside the store at the right of the front entrance is a well equipped restaurant with an extensive menu of Thai and Western food choices.

Then just behind the information counter is a small pharmacy.

Another popular feature at Foodland is the community notice board. Here you will find local items such as real estate, motor vehicles, electronics and appliances for sale by private owners.

There is plenty of parking at Foodland in the front of the building and across the soi at the side.

Foodland is open twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

Foodland is located at:
  • Central Road about 400 meters from Sukhumvit on the right after Harbor Mall and before Big C Extra.
    038 723514-7
  • Beach Road in the basement of Royal Garden Plaza. Official opening 15th May 2017.
    038 723514-7
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BigC Extra (formerly Carrefour)

Operating hours 09:00 to 22:00 seven days a week.

Big C Extra supermarket Pattaya Klang
Big C Extra in Central Road Pattaya.

Carrefour opened in December 2003. Located on Pattaya Glang Road (Central Road). More than 50 specialty shops including a small post office on the ground floor grace the two floors of this shopping complex. The supermarket has a good range of fresh fruit and vegetables at market prices. In 2011 the center became Big C Extra.

Try squeezing into the local XL size and you will soon grasp the feel of what I mean. At the time of writing BigC Extra is the only supermarket where you will find undies to fit the majority of falang. Check out "Inner Gear" brand. For the home renovator Home Pro has everything from telephones to the kitchen sink.

Central Marina (Big C)

Operating hours 09:00 to 22:00 seven days a week.

Central Marina front entrance.

This used to be the Central Festival shopping center. It was remodeled during 2016 and reopened in August 2017. Inside the complex you will find Big C Supermarket and over 50 specialty shops. The complex includes a cinema center boasting 5 state of the art movie theatres.

There is a mobile telephone sales and service mini mall on the second floor where a lot of the Thais shop for a good deal.

The "Food Park" food court is located on the ground floor to the right of the main Second Road entrance.

At the Food Park you will be able to select from a wide variety of Thai food. There is also an Indian food booth where you can buy a bowl of Dahl for 60 baht and Nan bread for around 30 baht.

The complex is located on Second Road at the Northern end (North Pattaya). To check out what's on at the movies call 038 361 500.

The Royal Garden Plaza

Operating hours 09:00 to 22:00 seven days a week.

Royal Garden Pattaya
Royal Garden Plaza Second Rd.,entrance.

The Royal Garden Plaza is a large shopping centre with a multi cuisine food court, twin cinemas and "Ripley's Entertainment Centre" on the top floor. "Bookazine" on the second floor has a good selection of travel books, news papers and novels.

If you are into learning Thai language they also have Thai phrase books and dictionaries (Thai - English, Thai - German, Thai-French.)

International franchises include Burger King, Sizzlers, Mister Donut, MacDonalds, Boots Chemist and Nike. This shopping complex has gone through many changes since it first opened.

In May 2017 a new Foodland Supermarket was opened in the basement of Royal Garden Plaza at the Beach Road end of the complex. Inside the Foodland shop is a restaurant with tables and seating for about 120 customers.

Tuk Com Center and IT City

Operating hours 10:00 to 21:00 seven days a week.

Tuk com Pattaya
Tukcom computer and phone center.

The Tuk Com Center celebrated its official opening on 25th of December 2004. Located in South Pattaya Road this computer supply center features most of the computer hardware and software traders who also operate from the Panthip Plaza in Bangkok. There are five floors and a basement in the Pattaya Com Center.

In the basement is Top's Supermarket. There is also a mini maze of clothing vendors selling women's gear.

At the front (South Pattaya Road end) of the basement is an electronics parts warehouse selling parts from washing machines to TVs. They also offer a selection of remote controls for televisions and DVD's.

On the ground floor you will find DVD and VCD movies, a book shop which has a fair selection of English language computer books but a good selection of Thai computer books, Thai Commercial Bank and ATM machines, Coffee shops including Starbucks and a few clothing and bag shops.

The second floor is devoted to cell phones (mobile phones) You can have your overseas phone chip converted to operate on the three services available in Thailand.

There is a wide range of brands to choose from. If you want to save a few baht you can purchase a second hand phone. Don't like the color or buttons? An obliging sales tech will change it for you before you take one step away from his counter.

The third floor has a few accessory shops which sell computer gadgetry and digital cameras.

The fourth floor has the more serious computer gear. This is where you can buy almost any computer component from a memory card to a complete build it yourself computer kit.

There are also a few competent technicians who will build a computer to your specification. The fifth floor is where you will find lots of foreigners browsing the software vendor alcoves.

On the sixth floor is the IT Super Market where you will find digital cameras, ready made computers, printers, scanners, power supplies, monitors, modems and a range of computer accessories.

The Tuk Com Center opens daily at 10:30 AM and closes at 08:00PM. More to come

Art Galleries

There are lots of talented gallery artists in Pattaya. If you appreciate clever copies of famous paintings then when you visit Pattaya you will enjoy visiting some of these art shops or galleries.

I commissioned one of these artists to paint a portrait of my mum from a nice photo. The result was a great likeness. I was surprised. My mum was over the moon with her Christmas present.

How do I shop and get a VAT refund?

  • Shop from the stores displaying the "VAT Refund for Tourists" sign.
  • The total amount of your purchase must be at least 5,000 Baht (VAT included).
  • Spend at least 2,000 Baht (VAT included) per store per day.
  • Present your PASSPORT and complete your VAT Refund Application Form for Tourist (P.P. 10).
  • Attach the ORIGINAL TAX INVOICE to the completed "P. P. 10" form.

The Application Form for Tourist (P.P. 10) must be filled in at the store on the purchase date.

VAT Refund Methods

Not Exceeding 30,000 Baht
(a) Cash in Thai Baht
(b) Bank Draft
(c) Credit to credit card account
Exceeding 30,000 Baht

(a) Credit into credit card account
(b) Bank draft.

The following fees are charged for refund requests.
* For cash refund a fee of 100 Baht.
* For bank draft refund a fee of 100 Baht plus draft issuing fee at the rate charged by banks and postage fees.
* For credit into credit card account a fee of 100 Baht plus money transfer fee at the rate charged by banks and postage fees.

Made In Thailand

Clothing, art, Thai craft, paintings, sculptures, leather goods, bags, suit cases, silver, gold, pottery, sporting goods, wood craft, furniture, ceramics, jewelry and gems can be purchased at the "Made In Thailand" compound on Second Road.

This is a popular bargaining center for tourists. So don't forget to bargain. Aim for at least 25% off the asking price.

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