Soi Six ( Soi Yodsak- Soi 6) or Soi Sex?

This is arguably Pattaya's most colorful and exciting street. Arrive here at 13.00 and take a slow, lusty walk from one end to the other.

You will pass at least 50 short time bars with names such as "King Kong", " My Friend You", "Butterfly", "Love Club", "Red Point","Route 69" , "The Eager Beaver", "Up To You", "Angels", "Mod", "Obar", "Siagon","Passion A Go Go" and "The Mandarin".

Most of the bars in Soi Six are "Short Time Bars". A few adopt the "Go Go Bar" business model with scantily clothed girls dancing on the catwalk stage.

The selection of girls in Soi Six is irresistible. If you are looking for a girl who is fun to be with and willing to please you will find one in Soi 6. Walk slowly take your time. Most of the girls who are available will usually be seated just outside the door to their bar.

There are some drop dead gorgeous stunners in this short Soi. Beware of the one stunner that you just have to have because she is sex personified. She may be a corker but try to tune in to her attitude. If you have to try too hard to gain her attention forget it right there. Stop the heavy breathing and try another. You won't regret it. Why? To find out read this report.

Soi Six is the place to investigate if you are into afternoon bantering as well as night time lays. If you intend to have more than one or two encounters a day then you might try some volume enhancement pills. These are specifically designed to replenish and increase the volume of ejaculate which will also enhance your orgasm.

Need a blow job? You will sure be able get one here in Soi 6. The new comer may find a few of these bars a bit daunting when a girl goes down on him in full view of the other patrons. These girls are not shy, they know the right buttons to press to get you to part with your baht (dollars). The "My Friend You Bar" is one Soi Six bar where you will find this kind of action.

"My Friend You" is a few bars into the soi on your left as you are walking from Second Road end of the soi.

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Pattaya soi six girls

If you are a newbie or even a seasoned visitor to Thailand we highly recommend you purchase and read what we call "the Bar Babes Bible" for an in depth well researched guide on how to get the most out of your visit, avoid the traps, and save time and money. Here is the link: Outrageous Adventures With Bar Girls in Thailand

Half way along Soi 6 on the left as you walk from Second Road you will probably be approached by some rather tall ladies??. If you are a straight heterosexual like me be careful. This is the "Hi Boss! 2002 Pub" where the lady boys hang out.

You will not find the transvestite beauties here like the lady boys you will see at the two shows in Pattaya namely Tiffany and Alcazar. But some of them are quite convincing in appearance.

Never seen a Thai lady boy or transvestite? Thailand's most beautiful transvestites have been creatively photographed and can be viewed at this web site link. The Most Beautiful Lady boys [Katoeys] in Thailand

If your feet are feeling tired from all the walking then at the Beach Road end of Soi Six there is a small foot massage shop on the right hand side as you travel toward the beach. For 150 to 200 baht you can indulge in a relaxing foot massage performed by attractive Thai ladies.

Food in Soi Six

There are a few good restaurants in Soi Six. "The Sportsman's" offers a European and Thai food menu. If you are hanging out for a real UK style apple crumble and ice cream / custard this is the spot.

Looking for a cheap meal or all day breakfast? Then try Jimmy Mac half way into the soi from second Road on the left. There is seating inside or outside on the footpath. They also sell beer. The restaurant is run by a friendly family. They make delicious toasted sandwiches.

Prefer a pizza? Then try the Stone Oven Restaurant right on the corner of Soi Six and Beach Road. The Stone Oven Restaurant offers an extensive menu which includes both Thai and Western food. The Pizzas are very tasty. SOR is an open plan restaurant facing the beach, a convenient spot to watch the world go by.

Soi 6 Location

Soi Six, also known as Soi Yodsak, runs from Second Road to Beach Road and is located between Pattaya Central Road and North Pattaya Road.

If you are traveling along Second Road from Central Road after 600 meters you will come to Soi Six on your left just before McDonalds fast food.

Currently The Red Point Bar has the best selection of pretty girls in Soi 6. Walk by or drive by any afternoon around 5 pm for a close look at some of the most gorgeous Thai girls in Pattaya.

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