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As long as you have some money in your wallet you will never have to walk far to find a bar with a refreshing ale in Pattaya. Reliable sources reveal there are over 3,000 bars of all types in Pattaya.

Not bad for a stretch of land around 6 kms long and 2kms wide. These bars range from large indoor extravaganzas with sofiscated sound and lighting to small outdoor sheds with no walls but loud sound systems.

Feeling diligent and wanting to add some statistics to this web site I once tried counting bars beginning at Soi 8, a street with a very high density of bars, then on to Soi 7.

My mistake was to execute the task at night when all those beautiful Thai girls were there trying to coax falang to have "one dink".

The purpose of my mission faded and changed to counting the number of bars I was dragged, pushed and shoved into. After chatting with several bar girls at Soi 8 and Soi 7 I felt mesmerised by their beauty and friendliness.

Why are there so many beautiful Thai ladies working in these bars? One reason is that the trade in women in Thailand arose from social conditions. Temporary work in the sex industry may be seen as fate or karma.

It is not viewed as a moral flaw in the Thai girl herself. It may also be seen as work for her family that gains her karmic merit. Most of these ladies are polite, usually greet you with an infectious smile, enjoy communicating and make you, the customer, feel welcome at the bar.

A lot of Pattaya bars are owned or leased by foreigners who come to Thailand seeking a new life style.

Some foreigners buy a small bar for around 200,000 baht key money or entry fee. They then have to pay rental around 8,000 to 20,000 baht per month.

Many foreigners (falangs) fail in these projects. Some just make enough to cover their drinking habits, pay police and buy gold for their girlfriends. For more information download our free Pattaya Reports

A Snippit Of Pattaya Bar History

Picture: Green shade cloth borders the area where more than 30 beer bars once stood.

These outdoor bars were demolished years ago in May 2005. It is difficult to obtain forward planning information from the local council to know what might be coming next. But four years later......

In Janurary 2009: This developement site changed. Now today on that site stands the headstone for the grave of more than 30 beer bars. That is one of the most modern well designed shopping complexes in Pattaya, Central Shopping Mall.

The face of Pattaya has changed and is still changing rapidly. Bars come and they go, just like the bar girls that work in them. We hope Pattaya doesn't loose it's eastern charm.

Beach Road and Second Road which run for approximately 2 km parallel to the beach are the heaviest populated bar areas away from Walking Street.
We have categorised the types of bars as they are affectionately called:

Beer Bars | Go Go Bars | Short time Bars

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