Thai Motorbike Taxi

Motorbike Taxi Locations

The motorbike taxi groups of four to six drivers with bikes can be found in the most convenient locations such as exit points of shopping centers, the beginning of the Soi (BARK SOY), near the entrance to apartment blocks, outside hospitals, lined up outside banks and government buildings and of course a few staggering steps away from your favourite bar.

Motorcycle Taxi Driver

The drivers usually wear a vest with the name of the location soi, bar, or hotel from which they work. They will quite often raise a hand or call out to you to indicate they are available for hire.


Before you jump on the pillion seat of one of these express transporters agree on a suitable fare for your destination.

If you arrive at your point of embarkation without prior agreement you might find yourself having a dissagreement.

A dissagreement with a motorbike taxi driver can transform into a very serious event especially if you loose control of your cool and abuse him. Remember these guys operate in groups and groups support other groups.

Motorcycle taxi Pattaya
Motorcycle taxi driver signaling to a potential customer Pattaya.

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Bill Williams writes:

"Suppose you see a group of taxi drivers at the end of a soi. They are sitting on their bikes or lying in their hammocks about 100 meters from your location. You feel a bit lazy to walk to them in the hot sun".

"This is the way the Thais do it. Just clap your hands making a sound loud enough for them to hear then extend your arms and raise them above your head so that the taxi driver can see who is calling. If the motorbike taxi driver notices you he will drive the motorbike to pick you up."

"You might need a driver late at night. Again, if the driver is a long distance away, clap your hands, switch on your mobile phone so that the screen illuminates and wave it above your head. Hopefully the driver will notice you and drive to pick up his customer. Again this is the way the Thais do it".

"Of course clapping your hands in soi 7 or soi 8 during party time could be a futile exercise".

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