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Driver's License - The Test

The written test for a Thai drivers license is a multiple choice answer questionnaire. There are 50 (fifty) questions you must get 45 (forty-five) correct. If you pass the Thai drivers license test you will be issued the temporary Thai driving license valid for one year.

The old system required two recent photographs 3.0cm high x 2.5 cm wide. These will no longer be required because your photo will be taken by the system computer at the Land Transport Office.

The new system includes a camera that will take your photo and embed it into a plastic card about the size of a credit card. That said you can still ask for the old paper card style license if you wish. In that case you will need to supply the photos mentioned above.

What you will need the first time

Temporary One Year License List

* If you don't have a driver's license from your country or International license you will have to take the driving test and written test. Sometimes the domestic driving license from your country is not accepted and you will have to take the tests. TIT.

Applying for the "Residence Certificate" at Immigration:
Soi 5 Moo 12. Jomtien Beach Road Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi.

**The proof of address letter, "Residence Certificate" costs 300 baht.

A complete 'set' of the documents itemised in the list above is needed for EACH license application (motorcycle & car).

If you are making two applications the second proof of address letter from immigration and the health certificate can be copies if both license applications are made at the same instant. For further information call 038 069 054

The proof of address letter ("Residence Certificate") can be obtained the same day that you apply for it. Sometimes it takes only 20 to 30 minutes to process the "Residence Certificate" after you present all the correct documents. However sometimes when they are very busy you might lodge your papers in the morning and Immigration will request that you return to pick up your document later that afternoon.

The duration could be longer say "come back next day" if you use some other immigration office in another Provence.

Pattaya Immigration is located in Soi 5 Jomtien.
HERE is a map

Immigration at Jomtien Soi 5 is open from 08:30 until 16:30, Monday to Friday.

Procedure For Getting a Thai License
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The Benefits of Owning a Thai drivers license.

Being the owner of a Thai driver's license in Thailand can open up some doors for you.

For example, we all know there is a two tier price structure on admission fees to some attractions such as parks and cabaret shows. One particular show charges 900 baht for foreigners and 250 baht for Thais. A stadium charges 500 baht per head for Thai Nationals and 2,500 baht for foreigners.

Presenting your Thai driver's license and a convincing explanation such as the length of time you have stayed in Thailand could get you admission for the Thai rate. .

Being able to speak Thai also helps. Be sincere, pleasant and always smile.

Be Prepared

All the information given above is correct at time of writing. If you go to The Department of Land Transport office with all the above in hand and you arrive early around 8.30 am you should be able to get your license the same day.

However please keep this in mind when dealing with any government body in Thailand there are times in Thailand when things don't always fall into place the way one would expect.

To prepare yourself for the license read Bob's interesting account of a rather vexatious experience at The Department of Land Transport when he applied for his Thai driver's license, view more information about the Thai driver's license, and get detailed directions about finding your way to The Department of Land Transport Office in our Pattaya Bar Girls e-book. Downloading and reading it could save you some time and lots of money.

Converting Temporary Thai Driver License to a Five Year Thai Driver License.

Around the time that your temporary Thai Driver License is ready to expire you might want to convert it to a five year license. As long as your temporary license has not expired for more than one year then the process is similar to renewing an existing five year license. You will just need to add a medical certificate to the list of required documents.

A medical health certificate can be obtained from most clinics in Pattaya for about 150 Baht. Just explain that you need the health certificate in order to apply for a Thai driver license. Some clinics will fill out, stamp and sign the document without giving you any tests.

Update for Converting Temporary Thai Driver License Sep 13, 2016

Today I drove to the Land Transport Office to upgrade my already expired Thai one year motorbike licence to a five year motorbike license.

Yesterday I took my passport with me and acquired my Thai health certificate from BVC Clinic on Soi Noem Phlab Whan also known as Sukhumvit Pattaya 53.

The clinic is located about 160 meters inland from the railway crossing. Travelling from the railway crossing inland the clinic is on the right. It has all the usual green and white signage that seems to be the standard for all Thai clinics.

I obtained the health certificate for a grand total of one hundred Baht (100 THB). There was no waiting, the receptionist inspected my passport and used it to spell my name correctly on the health certificate. The whole process took about ten minutes.

Now here is the update. I arrived at the Land Transport Office and presented all my documents to the clerk at the desk. The clerk handed back my Thai health certificate explaining she didn't need it. I was given a red ticket with a number printed on it and ushered to the video training room. After about fifteen minutes when the room filled up with applicants the officer in charge gave a short explanation of the process which was to follow.

Next we were sent to the testing room in small groups to complete the coloured blindness test and the depth perception test. Just those two tests this time.

Land Transport Office Pattaya testing room
Land Transport Office Pattaya testing room.

After everyone had completed the tests the officer in charge turned on the training video and left us to watch the video for one hour.

While the training video was playing a ledger was passed around for everyone to record their names and type of license(s).

When the training video finished playing the officer returned with all our documents, gave another short instructional speech explaining that she would call each applicant's name in turn to collect his/her documents and next we would have to queue up at counter number three to hand in our documents, pay the license fee, be handed a blue card with a number on it then take a seat in the waiting room until our number was called for photo shooting.

Land Transport Office Pattaya waiting room
Land Transport Office Pattaya waiting room.

After the photo shoot we would then have to wait until our number or name was called again to pick up the new license.

The whole process took two hours and twenty-five minutes.

Renewing an existing Thai Driver License.

How to get an International driver license.

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