Five Year Thai Driver License

Renewing an existing Five Year Thai Driver License.

The fee for the 5 year car license is 605 Baht and the fee for a five year motorcycle license is 355 Baht.

A foreigner renewing a 5 year license will need to present the following documents at the Land Transport Office:

Your old license not expired longer than twelve months.

A photocopy of the front and back of your old license.

Photocopy of valid Thai work permit required only by holders of same.

A proof of address letter from Immigration no older than 30 days.

If you are renewing a bike and a car license then you will need two proof of address documents.

The Land Transport Office will accept a photo copy of your original proof of address document for the second license provided you apply for both licenses on the same day.

Your passport and;

Photocopies of (each copy signed by you):

Photo Copies

Take the following tests at the Land Transport Office. They call it the "Physical Test".

Physical Test

You do not have to do the theory test or practical test.

You are advised to arrive at the Land Transport Office in the morning. It is good protocol to have all your documents ready for the trip to the office. All the photocopies that need to be signed by you can be signed before your go rather than at the office.

I say this for three reasons.

  • Firstly, The Land Transport Office is running out of internal space and usually the waiting rooms are fully packed with other people applying for driving licences. It can be difficult to find a comfortable spot to fill in a form.
  • Second, It will save you some time and avoid confusion, especially if you forget to copy a document or take a pen with you.
  • Third, the staff at the Land Transport Office are doing their best to service a large volume of customers daily. If you arrive unprepared for trivial reasons like forgetting a document or not signing your photocopies then you are using up valuable time of the clerk. This kind of unpreparedness has a domino effect in that every one in the queue behind is also delayed.

So fill in your forms and sign all your photocopies at home before you travel to the Land Transport Office and you will have a much more comfortable experience.

If you do forget to photocopy a needed document you will be able to use one of the photocopy services located outside the Land Transport Office compound across the street.

But do remember this will take extra time and cost you more money. You will have to leave the building and the compound and pay at least five times the normal in town price for photo coping.

Want to know how to get to the Land Transport Office in Pattaya?

Here is a map with directions.

Thai International driver license.

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