Foodland Beach Road Pattaya

In May 2017 a new Foodland Supermarket was officially opened in the basement of Royal Garden Plaza at the Beach Road end of the complex. Inside the Foodland shop is the "Took Lae Dee" restaurant with tables and seating for about 120 customers. There is also diner style seating where you can watch the cooks and chefs do their thing. "Took Lae Dee" translates to "Cheap and Good" in English. The restaurant area is mega size compared to the restaurant at Foodland in Central Road.

The location of this Foodland store is most convenient especially during rainy weather. If you travel to the store by car or motorbike you will find ample parking in the basement of Royal Garden Plaza complex. Undercover car parking spaces are available very close to the basement entrance of Foodland. The motorbike parking, still under cover, is located behind a partition towards the Second Road end of the basement parking area.

Currently the parking area is squeaky clean. You will notice that as car wheels turn on the highly reflective surface. When entering the car park you will be issued with a plastic parking card which, if you want to take advantage of the free 2 hour parking, you must have swiped by presenting it along with your meal receipt to a staff member at the information desk located to your left as you enter the Foodland Supermarket from the restaurant area.

If you happen to go off shopping somewhere else inside Royal Garden Plaza and you forget to have your parking card swiped then don't worry you can have it swiped at another location inside the shopping complex.

Foodland sign Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya
Foodland sign Royal Garden Plaza, Beach Rd., Pattaya

Entrance to Foodland and Took Lae Dee

There are two public entrances to the supermarket and restaurant. In front of Royal Garden Plaza on Beach Road there is the street level entrance stairs that lead to the basement. You will find these steps to Foodland on the sidewalk (footpath) just under Sizzlers. The basement entrance has obvious signage. This set of stairs used to be the pedestrian entrance to the basement car park.

The other entrance is from within the basement in the undercover carpark. This entrance also has good signage inside the carpark. When facing the beach end of the carpark the entrance to Foodland is located in the far right corner of the basement carpark.

Foodland entrance Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya
Beach Rd street entrance to Foodland Royal Garden Plaza.

Foodland "Took Lae Dee" Restaurant Food

In the restaurant there is waiter / waitress service to the tables. The seating at the tables is comfortable and the whole area is air conditioned. The menu offers Western and Thai food and there are plenty of choices. There is also a limited choice of vegetarian meals. I have eaten at this restaurant many times and each time was very satisfied.

If you are looking for an extensive range of vegetarian or Vegan food then go to the Five Star J in South Pattaya Road.

If you enjoy a fish meal then you will be pleased to know there are more than six menu items of fish to choose from. The meal prices are reasonable. Fish soup starts at around 80 baht, stir fried fish with rice and ginger 105 baht, salmon steak around 200 baht. Breakfast? Eggs Benedict, plus coffee and juice for 119 baht. Plus, the food tastes like it has been cooked by a professional.

Foodland Took Lae Dee
Foodland Restaurant "Took Lae Dee" Royal Garden Plaza, Beach Rd., Pattaya

In the supermarket there is a wide range of grocery items although the shopping area appears to be slightly smaller than Foodland at Pattaya Klhang. Foodland is open twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

Foodland would have to be one of the most popular supermarkets in Pattaya. The stores feature a lot of imported processed food products. You will find products from UK, Australia, America and Europe.

There are two major Foodland shops in Pattaya.
  • Central Road about 400 meters from Sukhumvit on the right after Harbor Mall and before Big C Extra.
    038 723514-7
  • Beach Road in the basement of Royal Garden Plaza.
    038 723514-7

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