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Feel like a teenager


Mr.Tom was mildly bitten while playing with a dog in Bangkok. No one knew if the dog had injections or not.

To play it safe Tom took the course of five injections mentioned below. These were given over a period of around seven weeks. Pattaya Bangkok Hospital here (the most expensive) quoted 470 baht per injection. They give an initial jab then five injections. So multiply 470 baht by 6 to arrive at 2,820 baht.

A cheaper alternative is the government Banglamung Hospital in Nah Klua. Each injection will cost you around 200 baht. Read more about cheaper ways of surviving in Pattaya in "After-The-Rush".

Vaccines prepared from rabies virus can be used to protect people who are likely to be in contact with infected animals. The safest and most effective vaccines are human diploid cell vaccine (HDCV), purified chick embryo cell culture (PCEC), and rabies vaccine adsorbed (RVA).

When a person not protected by previous immunization is bitten by a rabid animal, treatment is a dose of serum followed by a series of vaccinations. With the older vaccines, at least 16 injections were required, whereas with HDCV, PCEC, or RVA, 5 are usually sufficient.
There are still lots of stray dogs in Pattaya.

Bitten by dog behind the Jomtien Complex


I was bitten by a dog right down the street from my favorite restaurant L Tollover. So an evening of good food and wine ended with a visit to Pattaya Memorial emergency room and an additional charge of 1400 baht for tetanus shot and start the series of 5 rabies shots.

I was bitten in front of the Iron Man Gym and there are several aggressive dogs there but when I went to police and contacted the security guards the dogs did not have an owner. The security guards were trying to catch the dog as I went to the emergency room. It is a narrow street with lots of cars and foot traffic so warn readers to beware. As for me, I will find another dining area.

Calvin Booth
(From Pattaya Mail News Paper)

Mosquitoes Dengue Fever

Malaria is not a threat in Pattaya but there are mosquitoes. There have been several cases of ex pats contracting dengue fever an infectious disease of the tropics transmitted by mosquitoes and characterized by rash and aching head and joints.

An ex pat friend who operates a maintenance company here contracted dengue in Pattaya in 2002.

He was quite ill for two weeks and was admitted to the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital for 4 days of rest.

The perpetrating mosquito, Aedes species, is a day biter; so during daylight hours, in areas where mosquitoes are present, protect yourself by properly using anti-mosquito measures. These include wearing repellents, such as DEET (20-30% is safe and effective) and spraying clothing with permethrin (if you are camping spraying mosquito nets and tents is important, too ).

Restore your youth

Alternatives include Neem oil from India, which can be drunk as a tea or worn as a lotion. Wearing clothing is usually a good idea, especially long sleeves, long pants or skirts. To keep from over-heating and from aggressive mosquito punctures one should wear loose-fitting clothes.

Aedes mosquitoes like to breed in standing water such as may be found in empty tires, flower pots, artificial ponds, etc., especially after rain. The local council are diligent with fogging low lying areas during the wet season.

While there is no guarantee against contracting dengue fever, the odds are definitely in your favor of escaping unharmed.

Dengue Fever in Pattaya:

Pattaya Hospitals

Bangkok Pattaya

301 Moo 6 Sukhumvit Rd., Naklua. Tel: 038 427 777

This hospital is considered one of the best hospitals in Pattaya offering international standard of service to foreigners.

The newly opened Heart Center has advanced treatments for CAD. BPH and its sister hospital in Bangkok have been soliciting overseas customers through their marketing department. It is easy to find English speaking staff in Pattaya Bangkok Hospital.

Pattaya Memorial

328/1 Central Pattaya Rd. Tel: 038 429 422-4

This hospital is located in the center of Pattaya City just off Central Road in Soi 15. It is about 60 meters inside the Soi from Central Road. Some of the front counter staff speak English.

Pattaya International

Soi 5, Beach Road 2. Tel: 038 428374

The PIH also has a very good reputation. This is a private hospital so the fees charged are higher than the government hospitals. The staff are friendly and proficent. Some of the front office staff do speak English.

Pattaya City Hospital

261/40 Soi Baukhao Phone: +66 38 103 900

The hospital is open 24 hours. It is a government hospital but the fees are higher than the alternative government hospital Talad Mai. The staff are not very pfoficent at speaking English.

Banglamung Hospital

Talad Mai, Sawangfah Road Tel:038 428135/429244

This is a Thai Government Hospital. The charges here are considerably lower than the three hospitals mentioned above. Emergency treatment for accidents is quite good. I have had treatment at this hospital on several ocasions and found all the staff that I dealt with compassionate and attentive to their duties.

Each of the private hospitals has its own ambulance service and 24 hour emergency facility.

Private Clinics

There are many private clinics in Pattaya. One recommended by this website is the clinic of:

Doctor Olivier
315/336, Thep Prasit Rd, Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

Dr Olivier speaks several languages including English, German and French. His rates are reasonable.

For your first visit you will have to pay 500 baht which includes your registration at the clinic. For consultations after the initial visit the fee is 350 baht per visit.

Currently the clinic is located in Soi 12 off Thep Prasit Road which is the main road that runs from Sukhumvit Road down towards Jhom Tien Beach.

Tel: 038 303 331 and 038 303 332 Mobile : 086 827 69 22

Drinking Water

When in Pattaya do not drink water from the tap in your hotel room or any water tap. Bottled drinking water can be purchased from small convenience stores, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, petrol service stations, bars, sidewalk vendors etcetera.The bottles are sealed and distributed by licensed drinking water companies.

STD's and AIDS

There are numerous clinics in Pattaya offering treatment for STD's. They are usually open from 9:00 am till 9:00 pm. It is surprising how many foolish foreigners take the risk of no protection during intercourse. The most common disease NSU will cost around 1,500 baht to eradicate. But the risk taken could cost your life if you contract HIV.

There are published statistics of girls in Pattaya infected with STD's probably including only the diagnosed cases. More information on this topic can be found in:
Pattaya Bar Girls Report e-book.

Be warned that for Thais death is not really the end of life. Observe how they leave food and drink out for dead relatives. Death is merely the stepping stone to the next life.

Some will perform unsafe sex for a little extra money and if they get HIV and die so it shall be. Bring some condoms with you to Thailand. Most Thai condoms have a bad reputation for breaking so buy some

Note: In some cases the Thai condoms seem to be too small in diameter and are difficult to fit. That is also one of the reasons why they break.

If you are planning a sex vacation to Thailand you would be advised to buy some western size condoms.

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