Pattaya Short Time Tips

Satisfying Your Short Time Preferences

We all have our sexual preferences. In the short time bar it is a good idea to let your girl know exactly what you want her to do in the room. Imagine this:

You pay the bar fine, take the mandatory shower before sex, return to the bedroom and begin the fore play.

You caress a particular part of your sweetheart's body and she rolls away from you or responds with a maniacal cackle.

You want oral sex as part of the encounter but she refuses to do that.
" Thai girl not like." is her response.

Get it sorted before you climb the stairs for your short time.

Be specific about what you want to do together. If you are shy to ask the girl herself then tell the mamma san (female supervisor).

Play The Short Time Game

Here is a unique and pecular slant on how to show and demonstrate your sexual preferences to a Thai bar girl before you make any decision to bar fine her.

A lot of bar girls will just nod their head when you verbally ask them whether or not they are comfortable with doing this or that kind of service, position or whatever. Then after you have paid the bar fine and gone to the room for your lusty adventure you discover that she had supposedidly misunderstood your requirements.

One falang found a way to graphically demonstrate exactly what he wanted by downloading this virtual sex simulator. He reports having a bundle of fun playing the virtual sex game with the bar girls and getting them to use the game to show him exactly what turns them on.

Get The Virtual Sex Simulator

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