Speed Boat To Koh Samet from Ban Pae

  Ko Samet is a beautiful island, just off the coast of Ban Pae fishing village, which is a 45 minute drive from Pattaya.

To get to Ban Pae you could take an minibus, a taxi or your own private transport from Pattaya. If you are in Bangkok you can catch a bus from the EkamaiI bus terminal to Ban Pae bus terminal. The fare for this Bangkok to Ban Pae bus trip is around 125 baht and the trip takes approximately three hours..

It takes around 45 minutes to travel by minibus from Pattaya to Ban Pae fishing village. At Ban Pae there are several public jetties, where you can catch a ferry to Koh Samet. In my opinion the best way to get to Koh Samet from Ban Pae is by speedboat. There are several speedboat companies operating from the jetties in Ban Pae.

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My favourite speedboat service is the White Shark service. White Shark is located at, one of the main jetties. I call this jetty number two, because it is the second main jetty you come to after arriving at the main promenade which runs along the waterfront. .A landmark for this jetty is Ban Pae police station. The police station is on the opposite side of the road. almost opposite the jetty.

On the way to Koh Samet looking back at the Ban Pae Jetty.

Find the police station. When you are standing in front of the police station looking across the ocean to Koh Samet the speed boat service office will be slightly to your right on the other side of the road.

Four (4) Good Reasons Why You Should Take the Speed Boat to Koh Samet.

1. Saving time.

The speedboat takes approximately 10 minutes to travel from the jetty to the beach on Koh Samet.. If you take the ferry it will be a 40 minute journey across the bay to the island. You will also have to wait until the ferry is full with passengers.

So depending on what time you arrive at the jetty, you may have up to a 40 minute wait before the ferry departs for the island. That's 80 minutes before you get to your tropical paradise. The speed boat, con get you over there in 10 minutes and usually there is no waiting especially if you are a group of 4 or 5 people .

2. The cost of the speed boat to Koh Samet.

The last time I travelled on the speed boat to Koh Samet was September 2010. The return trip cost us 1600 baht. There were four of us, so that's 400 baht each for the round trip. The round trip in the ferry is 200 baht each. However there are other charges that you will incure if you go by ferry. I discuss these charges in a special report along with other contraversial issues about Pattaya which we can email to you. Just click here to leave your email address.

3. The convenience

When you take a speedboat to Koh Samet you will arrive on your designated beach. This is great because it means you don't have to ride in the bumpy pick up truck from the main pier to your accommodation. The roads on the island are still in bad repair, and the 2 up to 5 km ride is very challenging for your spinal cord. Not having to ride the pickup truck also saves you time and a bit more money.

When you are ready to return to the mainland all you have to do is call the skipper of the boat half an hour or so before you want to leave. The speed boat will arrive at your designated beach to pick you up. Again you avoid the bumpy pickup ride back to the jetty and another taxi fare. Taking the speed boat is convenient.

4. The thrill.

Riding on the speedboat is a thrilling experience.

There are two other reasons to take the speed boat to Koh Samet. I can not mention them here on this website but I have written a free report for you to download. This report will tell you tell you about how to get the equivalent of a free speedboat ride to Koh Samet and two important things that you should do when you get there. Just fill in the form below to recieve your free report.

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