True Love and Marriage in Thailand

Is it possible for a western man to find true love with a Thai girl?
A western man is almost certain to find true LOVE in Thailand.

But for Thai true love to work out favourably you have to do some research.
Learn about the Thai culture.

Try educating yourself about the ways of the Thai people.
Read informative books about the culture.

If you are lucky enough to live in Thailand immerse yourself in the Thai culture and customs of the Thai people.

One of the most common reasons for a failed relationship in this diverse culture stems from not having a clear understanding of the culture and customs in the first place.

If you are sure that you have a stable relationship with your Thai lady then you might just consider marrying her. However make sure you are confident that marriage is your cup of tea prior to entering into this serious business.

Remember when you marry you are both pledging to live together until "death do us part" and that could be a very long time.

Ask yourself and your girlfriend some pertinent questions.
Such as: Why do you wish to marry?
Where would you prefer to live? Which country? Why?
What things do we need to ensure the survival of our relationship?

The success of your marriage or "living together" will depend upon how you manage it. It is important to lay down some solid rules right from the beginning. Detatch from the "LOVE" aspect and observe it from a different perspective like a business.

I read a downloadable eBook called "After-The-Rush" by Bill Williams which helped me make important decisions about my relationship with my Thai lady and seriously contributed to the current success of our partnership. The eBook digs into the cultural differences and problems that a western man might have to face when he falls in love with a Thai lady. It suggests ways to avoid the problems and lays out a detailed action plan.

For example: If your new in-laws are poor and realize that they are now very lucky to have a "rich" new family member they might just expect you to provide them with more than what you want to provide or can AFFORD to provide.

Their expectations could include a new house, a brand new car, private schooling for the children and lots more. You should ask yourself "Can I afford it?"
You might feel the family are trying to take advantage of you. Mind you, there doesn't appear to be anything in the teachings of "Buddhism" that implies they can't.

If you know you can't afford all this then you must educate the family about what your limitations are. Inform them that your wife (their daughter) is your priority. She comes first when you have to plan out your expenditure. Teach them about budgeting. Explain that your major goals are to provide for her future security and comfort .
This is all about managing your relationship or your marriage.

My humble advice is to stay in the Thai girlfriend relationship mode for as long as possible, perhaps a year or even two years or until you are confident that your true love (including her family) really is the one for you. Don't rush into marriage and don't allow her to railroad you into marriage.

Some Thai girls are pressured by family members to get married for all kinds of self serving reasons. Try not to allow this to happen. Take your time. Subtly iInvestigate her family and obtain a clear insight of what you are marrying into. For example; Is the family deep in debt?

Another thing to consider is communication. You might want to take some Thai language lessons to help your relationship along.

Here is some food for thought for western men considering an age gap relationship.
You might believe in love at first sight or first try. And you might fall in love quickly.
But a Thai lady needs to be sure that you are able to provide security.

Once she has experienced your ability to provide a secure lifestyle for her then she might slowly become "in love" with you over time. This could take six months or six years depending on circumstances and the way in which you approach the building of your relationship.

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