Best Rates Overseas Funds Transfer

My ex-pat friend, Wayne, uses the following overseas funds transfer method every two weeks to transfer money to his family in Thailand. I have also used this secure method of transferring funds to other overseas destinations.

In fact this is now my preferred method of moving funds to anywhere in the world. The website interface is easy to use and the site will show the exchange rate and the exact amount in your chosen currency that will arrive in the recipient's account before you even make the transfer.

The applied exchange rate will be a much better deal than what you might get from sending funds through your own bank. Normally your standard bank will change your funds at a lower exchange rate. With this preferred method the transfer fee is also less. If you sign up through this link you will be able to make your first transfer of up to £500 (about $650 USD) or the equivalent in your currency for FREE.

That's right. You will get the best exchange rate and you will not have to pay a transfer fee. Give it a try for free.

In my opinion this is the most economical and secure way to transfer small amounts of money fortnightly or monthly. The website interface has been created by the same developers that created Skype.

Creating an account is simple and free. These guys are great. Inside your account you can request exchange rate alerts to be e-mailed to you when the exchange rate goes above a certain threshold nominated by you, when the rate reaches a two week high or have an e-mail sent every day.

You can transfer money abroad at the real mid-market rate. And since there are no hidden charges, it's up to eight times cheaper to send money abroad.

After I executed my transfer I received, almost immediately, a confirmation thank you e-mail confirming the transfer rate and indicating how long the funds transfer would take. Soon after I received another status report via e-mail confirming they had received my money and then a final e-mail report notifying me that they had sent funds to the recipient.

The whole process ran smoothly and I was pleased with the amount of money I saved compared with transferring funds through my bank. I have since made several more transfers with similar results. In fact each time I have made an overseas transfer the funds have arrived at least one day before the expected date that was originally guaranteed by the money transfer website. Most satisfied. I give this method five stars out of five for reliability, safety, efficiency and communication.

If you haven't already checked it out, just go to the website now and compare the exchange rate you will get by;

Overseas money transfer
  1. Clicking on the drop down menu beside the "You send" input box to choose your country currency.
  2. Clicking on the drop down menu beside the "Recipient gets" input box to choose the currency of the destination country.

You will see the guaranteed exchange rate generated below the input box as shown.

NAB foreign exchange rates

Home Exchange Rate

Now, just to compare the difference in exchange rates, here is a screen grab of the "Foreign Exchange Rates" offered by National Australia Bank on the same day.

The short fall is just a tiny bit less than 1,000 baht for a $500 send. Try calculating the difference for a larger amount, say $2,000. Would that be around 4,000 baht?

Would you rather have that 4,000 baht in your pocket?

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