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Yourpattaya surveyed 20 Thai Call Girl establishments in Bangkok.

Here is an extract from the brochure of a Thai call girl service in Bangkok:

Booking The Girls:

All bookings require a deposit, but for bookings no longer than 24hrs. we will take your word. We will make a refund if the lady is not available to meet you because of unexpected reasons or when you're not satisfied with her substitute.

Airport Pick-Up:

Your companion(s) can meet you or pick you up at the airport but only when you've send a deposit with 500B extra for each lady (taxi fee).

Hotel Booking:

If you wish to book by e-mail please mail on time so 1 week for the actual booking everything is finalised . We don't do any hotel reservations but we can recommend you some "girlfriendly" hotels. Please make sure that you have booked a double or twin room or in case you want 2 ladies a triple room.

The Call Girl Agency rates

  • Short time 1 hour - 2 hours: 4,000 B.
  • Long time 5 hours: 5,500 B.
  • Overnight (8pm-8am or 9pm-9am): 7,000 B.
  • 1 day (up to 24 hours): 8,000 B.

For ladies providing services for couples there's an extra from 500B or 1000B.

These are the usual rates that you would expect to pay at any of the respectable agencies in Bangkok.

The rates for Thai call girls are a lot higher (almost four times higher) than the Bar Girl or Go Go Girl fees you will find in Pattaya or Bangkok. To each his own preferences.

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