Weights and Measures "Talang Wah" & "Rai"

Most references to weights and measures in Thailand will simply inform you "metric".

This is true but there are also other traditional Thai scales for measurement. The most common measurements used for land area calculations are the "talang wah" and the "rai". Below is a sample extract from After-The-Rush Weights and Measures section.

This part refers to surface measurement and will be the measurement quoted by Thai real estate agents and Thai land owners if you find yourself purchasing property in Thailand.

Thailand British Metric
1 sq. wah 4.67 sq. yds 4 sq. meters
100 sq. wah = 1 ngan 478 sq. yds 400 sq. meters
4 ngan = 1 rai 2/5 acre 1,600 sq. meters

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Note: A "square wah" is called a "TA-LANG WAH" in Thai language.
As you can see in the chart above; a "TA-LANG WAH" is a square measuring four meters by four meters. To convert TALANG WAH to square meters simply multiply the TALANG WAH figure by 4.

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