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There are many of these Coyote dance groups in Pattaya and Bangkok. These girls are skilful dancers and are usually hired as a group to inject some excitement and good energy into a venue.

The Coyote girls usually wear tastefully chosen skimpy clothing and dance with the intention of making their audience go wild. Usually they are "unavailable" meaning they can't be "bar fined".

Some of the outdoor Coyote Dancing can look like a combination of dancing and car show. Souped up pickups with a dance platform harnessed to the rear section wired up with powerful in built sound systems and disco lights are used for the Coyote Girls to dance on. I guess that could be called an electrifying atmosphere.

The following video is a compilation of Thai girls Coyote dancing at various locations in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Coyote Girls Video Hollywood Pattaya

The old Coyotes bar had some of the best dancers in Pattaya. They always put a lot of energy into their dance performance. The shows were fun and eye catching to say the least.

However the following clip was not shot at the Coyotes go go bar in Pattaya. This video clip was shot at Hollywood Disco in Pattaya.

This is one of the many Coyote dancer groups.

Show Girls V's Coyote Dancers

The two videos on this page are Coyote Dancers. Aware of the popularity of energetic well dressed dancers some owners of go go bars have selected special girls to perform a show similar to the Coyote dancers. These girls are called "Show Girls" and usually perform a choreographed act like those at Angelwitch or Champagne. The "Show Girls" are available and attract a higher fee than the normal go go dancer. The "Show Girls" are usually more attractive than the go go dancers.

A few of my friends and I have noticed that, since the introduction of "Show Girls", in some go go bars, the normal dancers have become a little lethargic.

Other Shows in Go Go Bars

In order to attract more customers some establishments also include lesbian acts where tongues slither and slide over beautiful little brown bodies.

The shows are creative and a must see. This brings to mind something you should read in Pattaya Bar Girls Report that I can not mention here.

Another popular show is nude artistry. The lights are dimmed the UV lights are switched on and an artist uses fluorescent paint to create a mural on the girl’s naked body. If you are close enough you could try some finger painting.

When the artist has finished his masterpiece the girls will dance erotically around the stage. The body murals spring to life like animated fantasies.

In some bars, the nude artistry is tastefully augmented when the girls soap each other up and sponge the paint off their beautiful brown bodies.

Here is some more.

I don’t know what to call this one, it is similar to what I just mentioned above, but without the painting. The girls swivel, twist and gyrate between chrome poles while being sponge soaped all over by another naked dancer. You will also see Flowering Pussy, Pussy Darts, Ping Pong Ball Show and Bottle opening. Go with an open mind and you can enjoy any of the shows.

What Do Coyote Dancers Do?

Please note that the Coyote Dancers do not participate in these nude type shows they are not sex workers. They are best described as attractive well dressed high energy dancers with a passion to entertain through their dancing skills.

They are well trained enthusiastic dancers. Some might be professional dancers who have received formal dance training. Usually they are aged between 18 and 25. Coyote dancers can be booked and hired through agencies to perform at up market clubs, discos, go go bars, parties and private functions. A suggested hire rate is around 500 to 1,500 baht per hour.

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