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After watching the Pattaya video about the falang who had a problem with the Pattaya bar girl I would like to share a little of my experience with you.

I have discovered that being able to speak and understand Thai language has many benefits for someone who plans to live in Thailand or link up with a Thai lady.

The Thais will warm up to you when they hear that you can speak Thai. Your Thai girlfriend will have more confidence in you and begin to share her deepest secrets. Yes I said secrets. You will be surprised how much a Thai lady will open up to you when you can communicate with her in her own language.

Think about that for a minute. "Communicate in her own language". Imagine if the role is reversed. Imagine you meet a Thai girl who can speak English or your language like flowing water.

Isn't that a "turn on" for you? Wouldn't it just make you more relaxed with her? Open the communication channels? Don't we all want to find a Thai lady with whom we can communicate more than just the standard 5 sentences? If your answer is "no" then don't read any further.

If your answer is yes then sign up for my Pattaya Reports bar girl tips.I will send you free tips about Pattaya night life, speaking Thai, and communicating with Thai girls.

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