Alcazar Ladyboy Cabaret Video

Alcazar Ladyboy Cabaret Video

At the Alcazar show on Second Road in Pattaya you will be able to see lots of very beautiful well shaped ladyboys. Some are pretty and cute like a real woman. Can you spot the difference between a ladyboy and a real woman?

In the eBook After-The-Rush, Bill describes how he became part of the ladyboy show at Alcazar.
I wanted to see the show for pure entertainment as well as my interest in stage presentation and production. However I was about to discover that this outing would provide me with me an experience that was worth a thousand times more than the 200 baht I paid for the discounted Alcazar Cabaret Show ticket.

We chose a seat in one of the first three rows closest to the stage. I thought we could get a good close up look at the faces and shapes of our unusual ladyboy entertainers. It always intrigued me how a man could make his face beautiful and his body like a curvaceous woman.

After about three spectacular theme based scenes with Alcazar's ladyboys prancing around in glamorous costumes the music went quiet and the announcer began to introduce our next artist which was to be a soloist called Mimmi of Pattaya.

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After a short fanfare an older ladyboy Mimmi bounced on to the stage supporting a bosom which looked like two medium sized weather balloons stuffed down the front of her / his glittering green dress. Mimmi must have used a whole tube of lip stick to paint her/his bulging lips.

Kentucky Fried must have made a fortune from her eating habit as she could have doubled for Mama Cass but an ugly Mama. Behind the buckets of powder plastered on her ladyboy face the wrinkles of her forty five year old plus skin still blistered their way to the surface.

She waddled across the stage miming the words of the song playing over the high tech sound system. "All I want is someone to hold me kiss me"
"Don't look at me" I thought to myself. But she did, and a wide greasy red lipped smile spread across her face crinkling her makeup as it enlarged.

Her ladyboy eyes also enlarged as she pointed her finger at me "I want you " she continued to mime with her huge red painted lips shaping the sounds of the word "you" in a wrinkled circle . Collected laughter rattled from the Alcazar audience. I felt as if I was the only person not laughing. Look here to find out why on the next Alcazar ladyboy video page.

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