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Continued from Alcazar Ladyboy Show Even my girlfriend, Wun, laughed. But I began to sweat with fear because I had suddenly realized Mimmie needed to find someone from the audience to get up on stage with her. I hated that.

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For my whole life I had avoided making eye contact with any artist soliciting for an assistant from the audience. But now fat ugly ladyboy Mimmie had stepped down from the stage and was waddling up the aisle toward my aisle seat. Is she going to make me face one of my phobias head on?

"Dam why did I sit here on the aisle. Hell I feel like a piss. How can I get out of this" I thought.

"I'll get up and go to the toilet".

I stood up but Mimmie's ugly face was one inch from my nose. Too late.

"All I want is someone to hold me kiss me" the last phrase of the song faded until there was no music.

"Please come with me darling" she said over the mic and pointing to the stage.
"No I can't " I replied.

Her face reacted quickly to my rebuff. Multiple droplets of perspiration dropped from her thickly powdered face staining my freshly ironed trousers.

"Please come with me don't spoil my show." she whispered into my ear so that her request could not be heard over the sound system. Read more in Pattaya Bar Girls Report

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