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The Triangle Bar is located just off Soi Buakhao, which is one of Pattaya’s most popular and well known streets. Find the Oasis Go Go bar diagonally across Soi Buakhao from Subway food shop and take that T intersection next to Oasis, Soi Chaloem Phrakiat Alley 25 also known as Soi Chaiyapoon.

As you enter the soi, there is a triangular shaped building, which stands on the confluence of two small streets, hence the name The Triangle Bar.

You can enjoy live music here five nights a week. Some of the most talented musicians in Thailand perform at The Triangle Bar. One of my favorite bands is Jowel and The Blue Sky Band. Jowel is a female vocalist with an impressive voice range. The backing band are great musicians. Listen for a vocal by the drummer, Oi. They have also performed with Jerry Carlson the famous Jerry Lee Lewis impersonator.

Some local tribute bands such as, “The Bangkok Beatles” and “The Thai Bee Gees”, perform at this venue.

Triangle bar Soi Chaiyapoom

Triangle Drink Prices

The Triangle Bar operates a two for one system when purchasing drinks so don't be surprised at the cost of your first drink. The beer is usually 120 baht for the first bill.

But when you have downed your first drink the second will arrive quickly. So you really pay 60 baht for one drink.

Food at the Triangle

The bar does not cook or serve food to the customers. There is no menu or restaurant service available direct from the Triangle Bar. However there are several restaurants in the soi as well as the usual Thai fast food vendors.

On one occasion one of the friendly service staff at the Triangle have whizzed out and grabbed me a quick snack from a very nearby vendor. She was surely performing beyond her normal duty.

Live Music Surprise Performance

I have been entertained at the Triangle bar by more than just the resident band. Some nights, if you strike it lucky, you might get to witness a bonus performance by friends of the band. On one of those nights I was having a few drinks and enjoying the live music.

After playing their 45 minute set the band took a break. Jowel, the lead singer of the band, remained on stage and began tuning her acoustic guitar which always seemed to dwarf her when she strapped it over her shoulder and fronted up to the microphone. She was kind of squatting with the guitar over her knee which almost made her disappear from sight.

I assumed that she was intending to perform a short acoustic set but then realised my assumption was wrong when she placed the guitar on its stand behind the microphone stand, just like a roadie would do if he was setting up the stage for the next performer, then she walked off the stage.

But seconds later a very tall foreigner wearing blue jeans and well pressed colored shirt approached the stage, picked up the acoustic guitar from the stand where Jowel had placed it then strapped it on. On him the guitar suddenly appeared to be the size of a ukelele.

After strumming a recognisable intro to a well known song by Cat Stevens his crystal clear voice caused the chatter of the patrons to subside. What a talented vocalist! It was one of those goose bump moments. Just his professional sounding voice and the well tuned acoustic guitar were enough to capture the attention of the punters.

I was impressed when Oi the drummer returned to the drum kit during the first song and began to accompany him. The duo sounded tight and well rehearsed but really it was two talented professional musicians providing spontaneous top class entertainment.

That was a night to remember at the Triangle Bar.

Wide Screen Sports

The wide screen TV's are running all night even when the bands are performing. So if you get bored with live music you can watch the TV but you won't hear any commentary unless you visit the venue on a non band night.

The management do conduct special sports nights especially during a major sporting event. The screens are easy to view from all locations inside the bar. No matter where you sit inside the Triangle Bar you won't be far from a wide screen. And of course on sporting days the commentary is turned on.

View From Triangle Bar

The Triangle Bar is not difficult to find and there is a map below to show you how to get there. The Soi where the Triangle is located is probably better known as Soi Chaiyapoon. There are several foot massage and other types of massage shops in the soi and you can get a great view of the action if you sit at one of the road side tables. It is a great viewing point because the Triangle Bar floor is a few steps above street level.

Returning to Your Lodgings

As in most of the bars around Pattaya city you won't have far to walk to find transport if your lodgings are further than a short walk away.

There is a motorbike taxi group stationed right on the corner of Soi Chaiyapoon next to Oasis Go Go Club.

The Baht Bus taxis also run regularly along Soi Buakhao connecting with Central Pattaya and South Pattaya.

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