English-Thai Phrase Books

Many years ago when I began learning Thai there were no phrase books worth their salt. Most Thai phrase books available at book shops in Thailand were Thai - English published for Thais wishing to pick up a smattering of English. The phonetics were incomprehendable.

The Thai language phrase books on this page are different. They are fun, easy to use and well written.

One word of advice. If you really must learn Thai from a phrase book try to get yourself a phrase book that includes audio. Thai is a tonal language and it is very difficult to represent the sound phonetically unless the international standard of phonetics is applied. Then you would have to learn two languages; the phonetics and Thai.

My highest reccommendation is for you to join up with this fun and easy way to learn Thai. As well as being able to listen and practise on your PC they also have an application that you can use on your mobile phone.

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Thai-Isan-Lao Phrasebook & MP3 CD - by Asger Mollerup
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Thai For Lovers - Includes audio tapes
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Thai Language and Culture for Beginners
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