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There is an over supply of Foot Massage shops (Reflexology Clinics) in Pattaya. But that's a bonus for my friend and I have been having a relaxing time trying them out.

Most Tuesday afternoons at around 2 pm you will find us relaxing some where in one of these establishments. At the time of writing we have been to a different place every week for the last three months. We are making notes about the skills and place of training of the masseuse. Take a look at the list of reflexology shops
All the foot massage workers in the shops we have visited so far have been girls.

The usual foot massage lasts for one glorious hour and costs 200 baht.

The masseuse massages from the knees to the toes. The results have been varied. I haven't yet approached them with any particular ailment. Nor did they ask about any or look for any. In fact one girl pressed so hard along a very old wound (18 years old ) on my leg, between the knee and the ankle, that it caused great pain. And I'm not a masochist. I had completely forgotten about that old injury but the nice lady sure tweaked my memory.
I had to ask her to go easy.

I carry a pocket size reflexology chart in my wallet. Sometimes when I feel they need a little advice I use this card to show my masseuse / masseur where to press.

Here is a link to a reflexology chart which you can print from your computer.

Are the girls in these foot massage shops qualified for the task? Where did they do thier training? I have inquired many times during casual conversation with the massuse. Some have told me that the owner of the shop has trained them.

Anyway the foot massage for me and my friend has usually been a pleasant experience here in Pattaya. I reccommend trying a foot massage especially after walking the rugged streets and sois of Pattaya.

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