Sending Money To Your Thai Girl

Thai Girls Dream

Back in the days when I taught English beautiful 19 to 21 year old Thai girls dominated all of my classes. One of the topics my students enjoyed was “describe your perfect partner”. On the top of the list of attributes that their partner must have is “a load of money”.

Lots of foreigners (falangs) fall in love in Thailand. Newcomers to Thailand should never attempt to find the girl of their dreams until they have become familiar with Thai culture and the ways of the girls.

Financial Support

If you really have met the love of your life in Pattaya or another part of Thailand then you will probably ask her to stop working in the bar and will feel obliged to give her some financial support while you are slogging away earning more money in your own country. If you don’t feel obliged then she hasn’t done her job.

Think Seriously Before Sending Money To Thai Girls

Before you enter into any such agreement with your Thai lady consider this. She has stopped working in the bar but she misses her Thai mates in the bar. If she remains in Pattaya when you return to your country then it will be very difficult for her to stop working or even visiting her friends at the bar.

Thai Girl Sex and Money

She might say she loves you and maybe she does but these girls have a different slant on sex and love. Sex is just a way to make money and if she can make more money on top of the cash that you send her then she is a real winner. She also gains face with her bar girl sisters and employer. She becomes the one who can sustain a relationship while still working in the bar. This gains her “face”.

There are too many foreigners in Pattaya ready to open their big fat wallets for the services of a pretty lady. I highly advise you to read this report before sending money to your Thai girl in Pattaya Thailand. The report exposes eight money sending issues you should carefully consider. It will guide you through the important steps you should take before you send money to a girl in Thailand..

The Loot

If you have decided to send your sweet honey some money here is something to consider before handing over the dosh (money).
You might count up the number of months you're going to be with out the apple of your eye say 4 months and decide to give her a lump sum for the whole 4 month period to save messing around with bank transfers. That might be a total of 40,000 baht if you are feeling generous and a lot of falangs give more than that. Or it could be less say 30,000 baht.

Why You Should Not Send One Large Sum

Whatever the amount I highly advise you to think again. Unless you have tons of spare cash and you don't give a hoot, don't give your honey the lump sum unless you are planning not to see her ever again. Why? Because it will cause her pain and it will probably frustrate you. Here is the Scenario

Her Pain

Darling has 40,000 baht cash in hand. She of course must tell her family of her good fortune.

It is then guaranteed that someone in the family chain will concoct a better reason for he or she to have that 40,000 baht rather than your deserving sweetheart.

Emotional Blackmail

Your sweetheart will be placed in a compromising situation. I've observed the stress of a Thai honey that has been emotionally blackmailed to hand over the loot. She cried and fell into a sad state for two or three days before parting with the pot. That's her pain.

Your Turn Another Hand Out

Now here is your frustration. Sweetheart will have to ask you for more money. Think about it. You gave her the 40,000 easy enough. Another serving shouldn't hurt. Her family borrower will assure her of that. Now you will have to cough up those lousy bank transfer fees you thought you were avoiding and send her some more loot.

Now will you use your logic mind and send another 40,000 baht or will you put the brakes on and organize your brain. Think how you will feel if the loot slips through your honey's fingers a second time. You bat head. You have to preempt and take control if you don't have unlimited funds.

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