Pattaya Radio Stations

Local Broadcasting Stations in Pattaya

There are at least ten radio broadcasting stations in Pattaya.

I'm sitting at my computer in Pattaya listening to "fabulous 103 FM radio" on the internet. On this local broadcasting station you will be able to listen to modern music as well as favourites from years gone by. On Pattaya 103FM the local Pattaya news is broadcast every hour and also national news from the BBC.

Pattaya Radio Stations

Here are six of Pattaya's most popular radio stations. Details of the stations show the station name, call slogan or tag line (the one liner that is included in the radio station's advertising that you will hear over and over again when listening to the station), whether or not they speak English, the tuning frequency and a link to the radio station website if one exists.

Most of these Pattaya radio stations employ English speaking DJ's. They provide a mix of English and Thai language broadcasts. You can tune in to the local Pattaya news or listen to your favourite music.

At some of the websites you can listen to live real time broadcasts as they happen. I really love listening to the local radio while I'm driving around in my car.

Pattaya FM 103

"Fabulous 103 FM."

English: YES



English: YES

Sunshine Radio

"Good life good music"

English: YES

Pattaya People Radio

"We love music"

English: YES

Pattaya Station Radio

"The all time favourite"

English: YES

City Radio Pattaya

"City radio"


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UK Radio On-line

If you are British and want to know what is going on in your home country (the UK) then here is a link to a radio station you might be familiar with. That is the BBC.

Australia Radio On-line

And for you Aussies here is the link to the ABC radio in Sydney Australia. Enjoy listening.

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