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Take a look at our selection of the best maps for Thailand. These Thailand maps are the top most useful and detailed maps for anyone planing to visit Thailand. Individual maps of Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Bangkok and special Bangkok bus and train route maps. The publishers of The Bangkok Mini Map and Phuket Mini Map claim that the maps are water proof. That's a great attribute to have in a country where frequent rain storm can quickly drench everything in their paths.

In my opinion paper maps have a great advantage over maps that you can view on a mobile phone or tablet. Having a foldout paper map allows you to see the whole picture in one glance. You can view all the smaller details like lanes and sois without having to change the size of your view. When I go traveling in Thailand I always use both mapping methods; digital maps and paper maps.

When I first arrived in Thailand I resided in Bangkok for five years. My main mode of transport was the Bangkok Public busses. Each bus has it's particular route number displayed at the front of the vehicle. Stand at a bus stop on a busy street in Bangkok and try counting how many different route numbers you see as buses come and go. You will soon realize there are many.

Bangkok has a labyrinth of bus routes and without a decent bus route map I would have been totally lost. Sometimes you might be lucky enough to come across a local who speaks your language and knows a little about the bus routes. However I often found that most locals only knew the routes that they took frequently and not much more about the complex system of Bangkok bus routes.

I bought two Bangkok Bus Route maps while I lived there. Both of those maps I still have tucked away in my filing cabinet. Of course there have been updates and I present on this page the most recent versions of the Bangkok Bus Route maps that provided me with loads of confidence in finding my way through that intricate maze.

One very nice feature of the Bangkok Bus Route maps is that they are bilingual, meaning they are written in Thai and English. This allows you to seek assistance from a local Thai person if needed.

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