What you will need the first time ( Click here to print this page )
  1 Patience and good attitude
  2 Health certificate available from most clinics and costs around 80 to 120 baht.
  3 Passport with a current NON IMMIGRANT visa for Thailand.
  4 Photocopies of : (each copy signed by you)
    (a) Non Immigrant Visa page in your passport. Include your "Entry to Thailand" stamp.
    (b) The page of your passport that has your photo and personal details.
    (c) Copy of your TM card. (the white card issued to you on entry into The Kingdom of Thailand.)
    (d) Copy of your current driver's licence from your country or International licence.
  5 A letter from Immigration certifying your home address in Thailand. This costs 200 baht and you will need to give Immigration copies of your passport pages mentioned in a,b and c above as well as two passport size photos.
Immigration is located in Soi 5 Jomtien.
You will need to:
    a. Take a copy of your rental agreement ( or your Chanot "deed" if you own a condo) for proof of address.
    b. Take your passport and 2 recent photos as mentioned above. (3.0cm high x 2.5 cm wide)