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Here are some money exchange outlets listed in Pattaya Thailand. It would be a good idea to call any one of these money exchangers just to get a benchmark figure of the daily exchange rate for your currency in Pattaya.

There are always a few outlets that offer a better exchange rate than the others. Here are a few. If you are located near Soi Seven Second Road then there is one money changer on Second Road just a few meters from the corner of Soi Seven who gives a higher rate than the banks and the other exchange shops in that area.

In South Pattaya the money exchanger near the corner of Second Road and South Pattaya Road is always competitive. You will find it on the right if you travel north along second road.

Another money exchanger located in South Pattaya offering a competitive exchange rate is called "The Bank". This is not a normal bank as the name implies. It is a foreign money exchange office. Traveling along South Pattaya Road away from the beach, cross over Third Road and turn into the next Soi on your right.

Travel along that Soi for about 30 meters and you will see "The Bank" on your left. The exchange rate offered at the money exchangers on Beach Road is usually just 0.02 of a baht higher than "The Bank" money changer in South Pattaya.

Money exchangers Thailand
Name Address Phone
Bank Exchange Center 193/162 Moo 10 Soi Rungland 038 420097
Exchange Bank Of Ayudhya Public Co. Ltd. 183/21 Soi Post Officebeach Road 038 427484
Exchange Bank Of Ayudhya Public Co. Ltd. 164 Moo 9 Central Pattaya Klang 038 420905
Exchange Bank Of Ayudhya Public Co. Ltd. Soi 13 Aa Hotel Pattaya Beach Road 038 420274
Lisa Exchange 1/1 Moo 9 Central Pattaya Klang 038 429259
Marine Plaza 200 Moo 10 Pratamnak Road 038 429568
Ozone Money Changer 427 Moo 9 2nd Road In Front Of Tiffany Show 038 421807
Pattaya Exchange 391 Moo 9 Soi Yodsak (Soi 6) 038 428643
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Pattaya Exchange Limited 1/1 Moo 9 Pattaya Shopping Center 038 429259
Peter Hair Exchange 244/38 Moo 9 Central Pattaya Klang 038 720680
Thai Farmers Bank 16 Moo 10 Beach Road 038 421403
Thai Farmers Bank 1 75/15 Moo 9. 038 429145
Thai Farmers Bank 3 113/4 Moo 10 Beach Road 038 421345
Thai Mllitay Bank Exchange 405 Moo 12 Jomtien Beach Road 038 232074
Western Union Western Union Counter Central Festival Center 038 361361 Ext. 222
Yenjit Money Exchange 112 Moo 10 South Pattaya Beach Road 038 428664

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