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We can make cheap, or in some cases, free long distance or overseas phone calls using Voice over Internet Protocol, also called VoIP , IP Telephony, Broadband Telephone, Internet telephony or Voice over Broadband.

If you make overseas calls this this calling card system should interest you. I have used the service for five years. I have tried other phone services and calling card systems but have always come back to this professional quality service with cheap overseas call rates.

If you want to make cheap calls to Thailand or any other country this is the way to do it.


Cheap Calling Rates

Rates such as four cents per minute from Australia to Thailand certainly save a lot of money on the monthly telephone bill.

While on holiday in Thailand I met a beautiful Thai lady. I lived in Australia she lived in Thailand we needed to stay in touch.
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I used the monthly plan fee of $0.98 plus 4 cents per minute of talk time which enabled me to speak to my Thai girlfriend for around 30 minutes every day or 60 minutes every second day costing me just $36.98 for the whole month.

If I had used the standard telephone service those same calls would have cost me $236.00 per month.

Make cheap international telephone calls.

When I visited my girlfriend in Thailand I was able to stay in touch with my friends and business associates in Australia without burning a hole in my wallet.

When my partner Meaw, visited Australia with me, she needed to speak to her family in Thailand. She used my telephone card. The money I saved on those calls could have paid for her air fare.

With this virtual calling card you can call your Thai girlfriend from your mobile phone at very cheap rates from more than 200 countries. Go take a look at the rates here.

Of course you can also make calls from your house phone or any land line around the world. You also have the oportunity to make cheap calls from your computer using the "Soft Phone" service offered when you sign up for your virtual calling card.

When you come to Thailand you can make cheap overseas calls from the telephone in your hotel room or use the virtual card with your mobile phone. You DO NOT need an internet connection or expensive data deal to use this service. When you return to your country call your girlfriend (or girlfriends) in Thailand and babble on for an hour or so without worrying too much about the cost.

But most important of all, if you take a Thai girl to your country, make sure you provide a way for her to communicate with her friends and family back in Thailand. If you don’t provide a means for your Thai lady to make unlimited telephone calls back to her family and friends she might want to go quickly to the nearest airport.

Easy to Use

Talk on the internet and save up to 90% with virtual calling cards.

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