Bar Girl's Priorities List

The Order of Things

I have met many deluded foreigners who believe that their importance to a Thai bar girl is greater than it really is. If you are fostering a serious relationship with a Thai girl then it is important to understand a bar girl’s priorities. What are the things that she deems important in her life. Her convictions will of course be different to yours.

Ask any foreigner who has lived with a bar girl longer than 6 months to check this "Bar Girl's Priorties List" in order of importance. The order of things on the priorties list will not change very much. “You” will always remain in the same position unless you take the necessary steps to change it.

Thai Bar Girl's Priorities List

Thai girl talking on the phone & watching T.V.
  1. Money
  2. Gold.
  3. Food.
  4. Sleeping.
  5. Child or children.
  6. Watching TV.
  7. Grandparents, mother, father.
  8. Her Thai boyfriend or husband, siblings and other family members
  9. Monks and temples.
  10. Thai friends.
  11. Every other Thai person in the world, down to the lowest Bangkok beggar.
  12. The family buffalo.
  13. Her pet dog, cat, bird, rabbit, squirrel or rat.
  14. The fleas on the pet dog, cat, bird, rabbit, squirrel or rat.
  15. You.

If you take the time and energy to work hard on your relationship with a Thai bar girl you might succeed in climbing the ladder of importance.

Include practicality and precedence in your work list.

Make her very awear of what you are not prepared to accept. This is important.

Once a precedence is established you might find it very difficult to convince your TEERUK that the incident should be considered a one time event not to be repeated.

When you go back to your country Don't send her any money until you read this free report.

Consult the Pattaya Bar Girls Report for more help.

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