Retirement Visa Thailand

A Thai retirement visa is really a one year extension of your existing Non-Immigrant "O" Visa. The retirement visa can be obtained only within Thailand at any of the participating immigration offices.

Documents Required to Extend Visa for Senior Citizens Over 50.

If you are 50 years of age or over you are eligible for this Thai retirement visa extension. Here is a list of the documents you will need to present to the Immigration Office.

1. Application form TM7 duly completed plus the 1,900 baht fee in hand.

2. One 4 X 6 cm photograph.

3. Your passport and copy of ID page and current non-immigrant visa. If you don't have a current non-immigrant visa, you can convert your tourist visa at the immigration bureau using a special form. The cost for the conversion will be 2,000 baht.

4. This item 4 explains three alternative ways,"a" or "b" or "c" of presenting your financial status.


  • A letter, not more than one week old, from a Thai bank, certifying your account has a balance of at least 800,000 baht together with;
  • A photocopy of your bank book showing the name page and transactions for the past three months.

In the first year of the retirement visa, the 800,000 baht must have been in the bank for at last two months prior to application but, in subsequent years, the requirement is at least three months prior.



A letter from your embassy showing pension or other income in your home country of at least 65,000 baht per month.



A combination of (a) and (b) above. That is monthly income of less than 65,000 baht with a complementary cash sum in the Thai bank. The total from both sources combined must be at least 800,000 baht. You will need a letter from both your bank and your embassy. Fund book not allowed.

The letter from your embassy confirms your income from your country and the letter from your Thai bank confirms your Thai bank account balance.

5. A document showing your local Thai address. This document could be an official rent book or a letter headed receipt of rent paid, company papers or proof of ownership of a condominium or residence. The immigration officer will keep a photocopy of the document.

6. In the case of a married couple applying for retirement visas, a certified copy of the marriage certificate in English or Thai must be presented as part of the paperwork.

7. If a joint bank account is shown as part of the application process, a certified copy of the marriage certificate in English or Thai is required.

8. The application fee for a retirement visa is 1,900 baht. If needed, conversion from tourist visa to non immigration status is an extra 2,000 baht.

After your first retirement period of usually just over one year you will need to renew your visa by visiting the nearest participating immigration office. The documents required will be as listed above but this time if you are showing funds in a Thai bank account then the minimium period for the funds to have been in the account is three months.

Dress Tidy

Thailand has beautiful warm weather and sometimes it gets quite hot. Foreigners who visit Pattaya enjoy to dress according to the climate and in many cases wear singlets, shorts thongs and other beach wear.

When ever you visit the Immigration office it would be prudent to dress respectfully. Thai officials appreciate foreigners who have made an effort to follow dress requirements. If you visit the office wearing a singlet you might be asked to go home and put on a proper shirt. Please respect Thai Culture when visiting government offices and dress tidy.

The Pattaya Immigration Office is located in Soi 5 Jomtien Beach.

Office Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Monday to Friday. Closed on Public Holidays.



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