Paul McCartney Tribute at Kennedy Center

Filmed in 2010 at the 33rd annual Kennedy Center award this is an excellent tribute to Paul McCartney. Somehow it seems that the Beatles are being honored not just Paul. Very few bands have had the global impact that The Beatles had.

It must have been tweaking Paul's emotions a little to know that he made it to this point in his musical career while sadly, John and George didn't.

The first group to perform was Gwen Stefani and her "No Doubt" band. It seemed like they were having an unsuccessful attempt at donning early 60's Beatles costumes. That said they delivered an entertaining tribute. It would have been complete to see a reference to Sgt. Pepper's L.H.C.B. instead of just an albumn cover. "No Doubt" would have looked impressive in the satin with epaulets, braided rope, medals and patches. But they did look smooth.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith performs a medley of songs from "Abbey Road". Go Steven, right through the bathroom window.

It might have been more nostalgic if there had been more legendary artists like James Taylor included in the show. It was heart warming to see James there and Paul seemed surprised. That was a wise choice by the organisers. I guess having Nora Jones perform was nostalgic considering the link back to her farther, Ravi Shankar. Nora Jones and Dave Grohl paid tribute to Paul as a duet, performing one of his most loved solo songs,"Maybe I'm Amazed". More of Nora would have been fine.

One wonders whether or not Michelle and Barack felt honored to be in the box with Paul. They seemed to be connecting. Notice during the finale Barack lost the beat. Oprah Winfrey seemed to be a little out of place even though she was also being honored. Sorry Oprah but this is about Paul McCartney.

On December 6, 2015, the Kennedy Center will celebrate the lifetime achievements of American rock band the Eagles, singer-songwriter Carole King and four other entities.

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