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Five Star J Vegetarian Restaurant South Pattaya

The Five Star J restaurant would have to be one of the most popular vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Thailand. What is Five Star J? "Jay" or "J" ( เจ ) means "vegetarian" in Thai language.

Aussie ex pat, Brian, has been dining at this vegetarian restaurant since 1997. That was before it was upgraded and acquired its current name, "Five Star J". It had a name change when the original owners and founders sold it. He says " Back then the restaurant also had a dining area on the mezzanine floor".

" I introduced many of my friends to this restaurant over the years because the food is high quality, healthy, reasonably priced and the menu has a vast selection of vegetarian meals. You could probably eat a different meal there every day for two months and still not try every item on the menu. Fortunately when the restaurant changed owners the original cook was engaged to pass on her skills and recipes to the new owners who added more items and improved the quality, taste and presentation of the meals".

Order Online

If you plan to dine at the Five Star J during the peak season it is advisable to reserve a table. The restaurant has a capacity of around twenty-five diners.

The restaurant offers a home delivery service. You can order over the phone or order online through the website. Ordering your meal(s) on line is easy.

When you order online you will be able to view the entire menu with photos and prices of the available dishes including ingredients. Provided you are within an approximate radius of 3 to 4 kilometers from the restaurant they will usually deliver your meal order within 30 to 40 minutes.

To make sure your order arrives in a timely manner the delivery is made by motorbike taxi. You will need to pay the delivery charge separate direct to the motorbike taxi driver.

You can also pre order your meal to be ready for you to eat when you arrive or pick it up yourself and take it home.

5 Star J Food

The food is healthy and fresh. When the food needs to be cooked it is cooked lightly to preserve all the neutrients in the food. The management claims that they do not use any genetically modified organisms (GMO's) in the meals. The soy products used in the meals are mostly imported from Taiwan. Taiwan is a more reliable product source than say China or Thailand.

Oyster sauce is not added to the meals or used in the cooking process.

The 5 Star J is heaven for vegans. The vegan items are clearly distinguished on the menu and the range is extensive.

Five Star J Service and Staff

The staff at the restaurant are friendly, thoughtful and polite. They also have good English language skills. Brian tells of his experience with the staff:

"They sure are knowledgeable and helpful. I have been dining there for over a decade. I have two methods of transport in Pattaya. I sometimes drive my car to the restaurant and other occasions ride my motorbike. When I use my car I always park in the free parking area behind the shopping center across the street from the restaurant. The parking attendant issues me a ticket which I have stamped at the restaurant."

"Each time I visit the restaurant, without being prompted, the staff ask if I have driven the car to the restaurant and offer to stamp my parking ticket so that I don't forget. The ticket is stamped and back in my pocket before my meal arrives at the table. That's a no brainer for me. I relax into my meal and don't have to worry about that stamp. At other car parks with similar arrangements I sometimes forget to get my parking ticket stamped and that is annoying."

"Another characteristic I enjoy is the fact that the restaurant staff remember my favourite meal and always ask whether or not I would like to order it."

Free Wi-Fi

The restaurant also offers free wi-fi for diners. Usually the wi-fi connection will display as "Five Star J" on your list of available connections. You just need to ask any of the restaurant staff for the password. The connection is good quality.


Fairrit Shopping Center and car park opposite 5 Star J.

The restaurant is located in South Pattaya on the right side of South Pattaya Road about 30 meters from the intersection of 3rd Road and South Pattaya Road when traveling toward the ocean.

If you plan to drive your own car to the restaurant then here is some good news about parking in this traffic prone city. Just across the street from the restaurant is the Fairrit shopping center. Behind the shopping center is a car park.

The 5 Star J has a customer parking agreement with the owners of the car park. Restaurant customers are permitted to park their car there free of charge provided the customer has the parking ticket stamped by the staff at the restaurant.

Here is an interactive map showing the location of Five Star J vegetarian restaurant.

One of the largest department store complexes in Pattaya Thriving community of Thais and foreigners with bars, restaurants and accommodation. Pattaya's most colorful and exciting soi. Tasty vegan & vegetarian food open 11:00 to 23:00 Intimate hotel  Just a short walk to several go go bars and lots of beer bars.  The most diverse entertainment street in the world. Getting the train to Pattaya Speciality shops, food court, movie theatre, Ripley's Supermarket and restaurant Serviced apartments  Hi-tech hotel with LCD wide screens and DVD players in the rooms. Right in the center of Soi 8 where all the action is. A short walk from the beach nice hotel. A newly refurbished hotel Secluded hotel private and quiet near the action. Lotus, biggest of the supermarket chains in Pattaya. Five star hotel on the beach Pattaya Speciality shops, Big C,  ample parking. Took Lae Dee restaurant Foodland Beach Road Pattaya Supermarket & specialty shops Computer mobile devices and phone center Supermarket & restaurant Supermarket, restaurants, Home Pro Bell bus service to Airport Bangkok Art in Paradise interactive 3d art

There are other restaurants in Pattaya that have a very limited range of vegetarian food on their menus. However they do not observe the stringent rules that The 5 Star J has followed. One restaurant that offers a limited choice of vegetarian meals is Took Lae Dee in the basement of Royal Garden Plaza on Beach Road.

Contact Details

Address: 313/37 South Pattaya Rd., Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Chon Buri 20260

11:00 till 23:00 daily.
038 421 105

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